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Logic Pro 6.4.1 or Logic Pro 7 Upgrade Wanted

Discussion in 'Gear for Sale' started by Naresh, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Naresh

    Naresh New Member


    I am a licensed user of Logic 5.5.1 on the Windows PC platform. I am considering upgrade options that will also carry the added benefit of unlocking the authorizations for the exs24 mkII and the synths in the 5.5.1 windows version. I intend to run both Windows and Mac in my studio. I am looking to purchase a G5, upgrade to Logic Pro 6.4.1 or Logic Pro 7 and then be able to use the dongle on the Windows PC or the G5.

    I don't want to abandon the 5.5.1 Windows version because I want to continue to use VST plugins and instruments.

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