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Logic 8 Logic Pro 8 & OSX 10.6.8

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by 432u543t2u4yto134, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. 432u543t2u4yto134

    432u543t2u4yto134 New Member

    Hey guys. I was wondering if someone could shed some light on my query. I've been running Logic Pro 8 for a few years on my Macbok Pro running OSX 10.5 (Leopard). It ran beautifully with hardly a hiccup. I finally had to upgrade to 10.6.8 because I got a new audio interface that wouldn't run on the older version.

    In general 10.6.8 works beautifully and the upgrade was a piece of cake. My only major issue is now is that Logic seems to a) overload the system all the time and b) crashes way too frequently. I realize I am in definite need of an overall computer upgrade with regards to CPU and RAM but what happened? I'm using the same plugins and even running the exact same sessions I was running with 10.5 that always worked fine and never crapped out. Now with 10.6.8 it seems like every session can barely make it through a play without overloading the system even after I've gone back into my old sessions which, did I mention worked fine before, and simplified them.

    Anyone had similar experiences? Am I missing something?
  3. Busyangel1

    Busyangel1 New Member

    The snow leopard upgrade uses more system resources and Ram memory leaving less for Logic to run, especially larger mixes. Is the Ram maxed out? Most MacBooks that will run OS 10.6.8 will hold 4 GB , except for version 1,1 of the original MacbookPro which is an intel core duo not a core 2 duo. This machine maxes out at 2 GB of Ram and runs Logic 8 fine with Leopard 10.5. Hope this is helpful.
  4. 432u543t2u4yto134

    432u543t2u4yto134 New Member

    Thanks. Yes that was helpful. I figured it had to be a RAM issue I just didn't know why it had to be so pronounced jumping between the two different versions like that. Also, it only seems to be an issue with Logic. All my other software runs fine and certainly never crashes. It's a shame but Logic ran so much better in 10.5

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