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Logic 9 Logic pro 9 Hard drive too slow?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by digi001, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. digi001

    digi001 New Member

  3. forgetr

    forgetr Member

    The 5400 rpm drive is the bottleneck in your setup. That Lacie drive will do fine, however it's a little steep because of its "rugged" construction. You could get a normal 1 TB Lacie drive for less than that. It doesn't have to be Lacie, of course, but they do make great external hard drives. Just make sure you get a drive with its own power supply and at least 7200 RPM with USB 3.0 / FW800.
  4. digi001

    digi001 New Member

    Ok thanks
  5. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    I have to say, I'm not a fan of Lacie drives.
    Just my personal opinion of course, but I prefer Western Digital external drives and have actually been having some good luck with external drives from OWC Computer... I've bought a couple of their Fantom drives and they've been great for me the last couple years now.
    I'm sure others here have their own preferences as well but for me, Lacie drives seem to crap out before they should.:hippy:
  6. digi001

    digi001 New Member

  7. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Come to think of it, I own a Mercury Drive like this as well. I bought a 2TB model as an archive drive and partitioned it. I just got it about two months ago and leave it on all the time. It behaves as reliably as the older Fantom I bought from them as well.
    (knocking on wood as I write this.):rolleyes:
    The older Fantom drive I have looks & has very similar specs to the Mercury you posted.
    Definitely do your research to make sure it's right for you, but I'd buy this one. :thmbup:
  8. digi001

    digi001 New Member

    Thanks man I appreciate the info! Actually looks like I didn't buy the Lacie. For some reason I thought i did at work the other day, but the order must of not gone through.

    So im totally gonna snag one of these from OWC.

    One last question. Do you think i need the USB 3.0 option? I dont go crazy with amount of tracks on my projects, but i do like to keep the latency very very low.

    I have only 2 usb 3.0 ports and i use a midi controller for one and a maschine on the other. My firewire 800 port will be free once I switch to thunderbolt for my new UA apollo interface.
  9. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Well, I'm not an authority on latency... You can search the many threads here though on the subject. You may find an answer for your needs.
    I will say though that I have a MacPro tower and run my Logic sessions via internal eSATA drives and I have latency issues (when playing some VI's live while tracking...)
    I am not 100% sure that USB/FW/Thunder-Bolt speed necessarily cuts down on latency issues. I believe RAM and CPU latency settings in Logic affect that.
    Again, I'm no expert on the subject.
    The external Fantom drive I use is for my older MacBook Pro when out & about and running 20-30 tracks (audio/VIs) isn't a problem for it.

    It also doesn't sound like you are running projects with tons of tracks so I'd say USB 2.0/3.0 is fine for I/O with Logic & your set-up and the audio interface via T-Bolt should be fast as blazes! :jammming:
    Hey, keep us up to date with how you are liking T-Bolt with your audio interface. I'm def interested in hearing any positive/not-so-positive experiences with it.
    Good Luck!:thmbup:
  10. digi001

    digi001 New Member

    I will keep you posted.

    So far actually my the only time ive had an issue with hard drive slow message is when I use the varispeed option. I love using this feature to slow down and pitch down the whole session (including midi which is amazing!) and record an analog synth part by hand, then speed it back up. Helps get it a little more locked in, and in the process makes for some interesting new type of timbre.
  11. prolifichoneysuckle

    prolifichoneysuckle New Member

    Does anyone have a view on powered vs unpowered external drives? E.g the G-Tech mobile mini 1TB... USB powered. Are there scenarios where it is it better to plug in your drive to power? I've heard mixed things and am setting up a mobile rig so ideally would like to be able to go freerange and not have to plug in either my mac book pro, audio interface or drive for a couple hours... but if clever people on this forum say that powered external drives are better, I will bow to their judgement!

    This is my first post on this forum, having just joined... Thank you in advance, anyone.
  12. charliegamboa

    charliegamboa New Member

    It happened to me all the time, the only way I get rid of it was buying a new external 2 TB G-Drive, a 7200 rpm's one. I never imagined that my macbook pro came with a 5400 rpm's hard disc!

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