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Logic 9 Logic Pro 9 with Digidesign 002….anyone?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Russ FAR, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Russ FAR

    Russ FAR New Member

    I am an avid Logic Pro user and I just picked up an 002 from a friend SUPER cheap (couldn't resist). My question is has anyone used this setup besides me? I downloaded the core audio so I do not have to use pro tools. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. I am new to the forum. thanks!
  3. Russ FAR

    Russ FAR New Member

    Update kno 1 cares

    Just an update, even though no one replied lol. This forum gets a lot of views but not a lot of posts it seems.
    Anyway, the 002 works GREAt with logic 9. I have been doing 4 tracks live recording with dynamic micas and at least 10 software tracks running. I haven't switched into low latency mode or anything yet. The toll on the CPU seems to best at 48 sample rate which seems odd to me but I am still getting into it. I did not install PT at all just the core audio drivers from digidesign (AVID). They were free and they are up to version 8. I have read bad things and issues but it was always version7 on logic 8.
    So I just wanted to put that out there for anyone interested.
  4. mista min

    mista min New Member

    Yea, it works great and you can even use more devices if you add them via ADAT, we had 16 io running on a 003 with Logic Studio 9. I'm only assuming you can do the same with the 002.
  5. Spiney Njorel

    Spiney Njorel New Member

    I got my Logic 9 to work with my Digi 002 rack with no problems. In fact, I have to use it as the newer version of Protools LE that will work on OS10.6.8 will NOT talk to the Digi 002 rack. Go figure.
  6. amg2013

    amg2013 New Member

    need help tracking

    I just got Logic Pro 9 and I'm having trouble figuring out how to track out through my Digi 002. Suggestions?
  7. Deelow

    Deelow New Member

    Trying to revive post- Having trouble with digi 002r and logix x - firewire 1394 light comes on for a minute and shuts off - it will link for a minute but then the 1394 light turns off- the avid core audio says hardware connected - not streaming? any help would be appreciated

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