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Logic 8 Logic Pro Questions

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by atrain01us, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. atrain01us

    atrain01us New Member


    I have some questions regarding Logic Pro v8.0.

    1) Is there a way to set up Logic to bypass scanning for exs24 instruments at startup? I have a very large exs24 sample collection and it's a pain to have to wait until the scan process has completed each time Logic starts up.

    2) Is there a way to specify a specific drive where the exs24 sample instruments are stored? I have my exs24 sample collection on an external drive but I have several external drives attached to my G5.


  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member


    1. No you can't disable this other than by removing your sampler instruments from your library. But your collection must be huge. I have a rather large one as well and it takes two to three seconds at max. How long is it taking on your system. If it's more than a few seconds, it sounds like something is wrong.

    2. Sampler instruments must be stored in one place in order to be seen by Logic. And that is here:

    User --> Library --> Application Support --> Logic --> Sampler Instruments.

    You can however put them on another drive and place an alias of it in this location. But again, your library must be huge if this is a problem. The sampler instruments are tiny in size and even a huge library shouldn't be more than a couple of hundred megabytes.

    If you are referring to the samples themselves - which take up considerably more space on the hard drive- they can be stored on any drive anywhere. There is a preference (found in the Options menu of the front panel of the EXS 24 plug in window) that allows you to indicate where you want the EXS 24 to look for the samples. This will speed up it's job of locating them.
  4. atrain01us

    atrain01us New Member


    Here's my setup:

    I have about 465 gigs of purchased and Autosampler-sampled hardware samples on an external drive. This includes both the instruments and related sample files.

    The reason for this is that I wanted to keep the third-party samples separate from the included samples when I load up the exs24 sampler. My guess is that because both the sampler instruments and samples are on the external drive, this is the cause of the extended load times.

    Here's what I want to accomplish: When I select the exs24, I want to be able to see the third party sample instruments in their own folders when I look for a sampler instrument to load into the exs24. I'd like to create a sub-folder within the sampler instruments folder that you indicated called Third Party Sampler Instruments, then load each of the third party sampler
    folders containing only the sampler instruments into this folder while the samples themselves will stay on the external drive. This way, the folder Third Party Sampler Instruments will show as a new folder when I go to select a new instrument. Then I can go into that folder and select a new sampler instrument as needed.

    I'll use Autosampler to re-connect the sampler instruments and the sample files if this idea can work.

    Let me know your thoughts on whether this idea can work.


  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Organizing and keeping the samples wherever you want is fine. Keeping the sampler instruments there too is fine as well; but you'll need to do uses aliases to organize things as you want.

    When you talk about load times, are you referring to bottign up Logic? Or the time it takes to search and find samples when you call up an instrument in the EXS 24?

    No prob.

    You don't need to create a parent folder called Third Party Sampler Instruments. The moment you put an instrument in the User -Library-Application Support-Logic-Sampler Instruments folder, all of your default Apple EXS instruments will automatically be consolidated into a folder called "Factory". So the third part instruments will get listed separate from the Factory instruments on their own. Just organize the instruments as you like in sub folders inside that Sampler Instrument folder. There's no need for the Third Party Sampler Instruments to be first.

    Unnecessary to have this extra folder (see above. It will already get organized as you describe without it.

    EXS Manager is the app for this job. I'm not sure if AutoSampler does this as well.
  6. Jay Asher

    Jay Asher Senior member

    Whatever you do, the samples should NOT be in the Sampler Instruments folder. That will make everything slow as molasses.
  7. orjankarlsson

    orjankarlsson Member

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  8. atrain01us

    atrain01us New Member


    I just ran EXS Manager on the external drive that contains the third party sampler instruments and related samples, which completed successfully. I also created an alias of the sampler instruments folder on the external drive and placed it inside of a folder called THIRD PARTY located within the sampler instruments folder of the boot drive.

    When I load up the EXS24 and select from the sampler instruments folder within the Third Party folder, most of the sampler instruments load right up with no problems. Other do not even though the sample instruments and related samples are within the same sub folder.

    In EXS Manager, I pointed the program to the sampler instruments folder on the external drive where the third party sample instruments and samples are located.

    Anybody have any ideas as to why some instruments and samples load fine from the external drive while others don't even though they are all on the same drive? I would rather keep this configuration as opposed to moving all the sampler instruments into the boot drive because it would take too long to set up all the aliases for each of the third party files I purchased, so any advice on tweaking the configuration as I currently have it would be appreciated.

    As I type this, the EXS sampler is searching my external drives for the samples for a test instrument located on the external drive. If EXS Manager completed successfully, shouldn't the sampler know which drive to go to for the related samples or am I missing something in the setup and running go EXS Manager?



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