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Logic Pro X ignoring manually drawn midi automation

Discussion in 'Logic Wishlist' started by darren foreman, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. darren foreman

    darren foreman New Member

    Values entered in to a region using a controller cannot be edited manually later. The automation appears to change visually but logic does not respond to it.

    To Reproduce:

    Make a region. record midi notes and midi automation in. Try to edit the automation in the piano roll midi editor. note that logic is not changing the automation despite the fact that it looks like it is. i can't work out whether it's putting in some weird null value or if it's just ignoring it. . either way, something is wrong and i'm losing precious time reporting this bug.

    7. System Details:

    2012 mac book pro


    -Graphic card -
    Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB

    -Audio Hardware being used - RME fireface 800

    yosemite 10.10.5

    logic version 10.2.0

    i'm pretty sure this bug is reliably reproducible.

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