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"Logic Pro X - The Details": book update for LPX 10.1

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by EdgarRothermich, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. EdgarRothermich

    EdgarRothermich Senior member

    I just finished the revision of my second Logic manual "Logic Pro X - The Details", which now includes the changes, new features and functionality of Logic Pro X v10.1.


    This is a major update for this book with over 50 new pages, which brings it to a total of 711 pages. The rewritten Automation chapter alone now has 100 pages. All the detailed information about the new Automation features (Trim, Relative, Absolute, Region Automation, MIDI Draw, etc) are not available in any other books. Actually, my Logic manuals are the only books available that are revised for Logic Pro X v10.1. All other books from the big publishers are still based on older versions of Logic Pro X (maybe for quite a while), which is a big problem due to the substantial changes in Logic v10.1 and even v10.0.7.

    Together with my first Logic manual "Logic Pro X - How it Works", I now provide 1,100 pages of the best Logic coverage with my "Graphically Enhanced Manuals". They also include a "free update service" to all customers who bought the pdf or iBooks version (not other publisher is doing that).


    Customers who bought the pdf version of "Logic Pro X - The Details" should have already received an email with the free download link (if not, send me an email). The printed book on Amazon is now also available as the new revised 10.1 version. It is split in part 1 and part 2 due to the size. The book cover might still show the 10.0.7 version on the Amazon website, because it takes a week or two for Amazon to update the graphics. However, all my books are print-on demand, and therefore, always reflect my most recent updates. As of today, the books are up to 43% off on Amazon.

    I hope to have the iBooks version for "Logic Pro X - The Details" available some time in April.

    Thanks for your interest

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