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Logic Pro X vs Fractal Axe-Fx ii

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by 1kidc, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. 1kidc

    1kidc New Member

    Bear with me here - I'm a noob. Only had the Axe-fx ii for a month and just downloaded Logic yesterday. Though I do have about 25 years of MOTU sequencing and Protools experience....

    So I get logic pro x up and running yesterday and all is good. Today I plug in the axefx2 via usb. I can see the signal and it records to the software fine but mutes all audio in the process - even the midi tracks, drummer and count off. I've tried toggling the input monitor switch etc - no sound of any sort - though the meters are reading fine both in record mode and playback. The moment I unplug the fractal usb cable - all tracks play fine - even the audio recorded from the fractal. I'm sure this is a software issue - either logic or apple core audio. Pardon me if it's already been covered a million times but I could use a hand here... Or please link me to a post here that reflects this issue.

    Thanks in advance Logic/Fractal gurus...
  3. joegold

    joegold Member

    In Logic's Preferences > Audio you probably have both Input and Output assigned to the Axe FX.
    Unless you have your Axe FX's output plugged into your monitors you won't hear anything.
    Toggle the prefs so that your other audio interface is used for Logic's output.
  4. 1kidc

    1kidc New Member

    Yep got that figured out. That was the issue. Thanks!

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