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Logic X Logic Pro X10.1.1. is out

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Jay Asher, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Jay Asher

    Jay Asher Senior member

    -Pre-fader sends no longer affected by VCA faders
    - VoiceOver can once again access audio channels as well as the track header volume/pan controls
    - Brush Tool no longer gets stuck in fixed pitch mode when selected after using the Pencil Tool
    - Resolves an issue that could cause the Download Manager to appear empty
    - Additional bug fixes and stability improvements
  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Logic Pro X 10.1.1 update

    Stability and performance
    Logic no longer sometimes stops responding when you open it with Euphonix control surfaces installed
    Resolves an issue that could cause the Download Manager to appear empty
    Logic no longer sometimes quits unexpectedly when you use Izotope RX4 as external audio editor
    Main window
    Disabling Automation view in the Main window no longer causes region-based automation that has been switched off to playback unexpectedly
    Click-holding a region now immediately brings up the Region Info window
    It is again possible to split a take region with the Scissors tool
    Editing automation during playback now works properly in projects that start before 1 1 1 1
    Writing automation for send mutes now works as expected
    The cursor keys on control surfaces no longer sometimes trigger unexpected key commands
    Region based automation for all Smart Control parameters now displays reliably
    Logic now displays the tempo correctly when the Display Tempo As preference is set to "Frames Per Click with Decimals," or "Frames Per Click with Eighths," and the frame rate is 50, 59.94, or 60 fps
    Audio tracks edited with Melodyne in songs that originated in Logic Pro 9 now play back in sync
    Logic Screensets that include only plug-in windows work as expected again
    MIDI regions recorded in Cycle mode no longer sometimes have a measure before the start position of the recording when the first note is performed within the Cycle Pre-processing time before the downbeat
    The "Beats from Region" function works as expected again
    Logic no longer outputs an audio pop when switching between certain patches
    Deleting fader events for region based automation in the Event List editor now properly removes the interpolation events between them
    Clicking the plus button in the Sysex Fader editor again adds events as expected
    All audio take regions now reliably display in the Track Editor
    The Brush Tool no longer gets stuck in fixed pitch mode when selected after using the Pencil Tool
    While using the Brush tool, pressing Shift while pressing the mouse button no longer erases the recently brushed notes
    There is now an option "Snap MIDI Draw and Automation” in the Piano Roll Snap menu
    Auto Set Locators no longer improperly follows note selections inside of regions
    The Toggle Loop trigger setting in Touch Tracks again works as expected
    The Piano Roll now reliably opens with the visible area showing the notes contained in the selected region
    Undo now reliably works after moving events in the Piano Roll
    Looping regions with Show Drum Names enabled in the Piano Roll no longer causes notes to transpose unexpectedly
    Muted notes in the Piano Roll no longer play when clicked
    Scale Quantize no longer sometimes moves notes that are already in the selected key
    Touching the Ruler in the Piano Roll with a rubber band selection no longer causes visible Time Frame handles to move to the wrong position
    MIDI events clicked in the Piano Roll now output on their set MIDI channel as expected
    The “Delete and Select Next Event” key command now works properly in the Piano Roll
    Using the right/left arrow keys now reliably triggers notes in the Piano Roll when a different track is selected in the Main window
    On/Off buttons in the Environment again operate correctly with a short mouse click
    Environment cabling is now reliably maintained when importing Environment layers not a project
    The Note Head menu in the Environment Mapped Instrument editor is no longer empty
    MIDI Draw automation points now follow the mouse as expected when editing in an independent Piano Roll window
    Pre-fader sends are no longer affected by VCA fader changes
    Replacing Drum Kit Designer with Drum Machine Designer on a Drummer track channel strip no longer converts the track to a Software Instrument track
    Audio Device controls no longer sometimes display non-functional buttons for the attached audio interface
    Undoing the deletion of a channel strip in the Mixer no longer leaves the channel strip in a non-functional state
    Changing the Knee value in the Platinum Compressor no longer causes unexpected changes in sound and metering when switching to the Classic VCA Compressor model
    Multimeter plug-in instances saved in previous versions of Logic now load with the correct settings
    Logic Remote and Controls view in Logic Pro no longer show the RMS/Peak controls for the Compressor models that do not support RMS/Peak
    Songs using Lexicon PCM Native bundle plug-ins no longer exhibit audio artifacts when played back
    VoiceOver can once again access audio channels as well as the track header volume and pan controls
    Control Surfaces
    Channel names now update correctly on control surfaces when opening or clos track stacks in Logic
    Logic Remote again reliably connects to Logic Pro X at launch when you set the Startup Action to “Ask" in Logic Pro
    EuCon Artist control surfaces can again control a channel’s send level in Logic
  4. Little David

    Little David New Member

    Good update, lots of good features and better GUI performance.
  5. Dave1954

    Dave1954 New Member

    Looking good!
  6. Deeks7

    Deeks7 New Member

    Thanks for heads up

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