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Logic Remote (for iPad)

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by madelefant, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. madelefant

    madelefant Senior member

    How many of you have used this? I have diddled with it. What I found is that it is too slow to try to play along using sampler instruments but can do fairly well real time with the synthetic ones like the ESM1 and 2 and Ultrabeat.
  3. yavuz

    yavuz Senior member

    I have been using it a lot. Mostly for mixing, smart controls, key commands...

    I have used it for a few sounds and sampled drums as well.
    It was OK for me. The latency I mean...
    I have a 27inch iMac and airport express...
  4. ocarus

    ocarus New Member

    I use it too

    very functional and never had a problem. Good for so many things.
  5. madelefant

    madelefant Senior member

    What have you used it for?
  6. mmm42

    mmm42 Senior member

    Latency depends on your network traffic. To minimize it, you could use an Ad-Hoc-Network on your Mac, which cuts the latency in half over a base station setup.
  7. brunchman

    brunchman New Member

    Cool suggestion - I'll need to try an ad-hoc network. For me, I found the latency too big to use the drum pads effectively. Thanks for the tip.
  8. madelefant

    madelefant Senior member

    Im going to give that a try when i get a chance. As i had said, even on regular wireless i find it usable with the non ssmpler instruments so in sny event one can composr using that and switch in sampled if desired.
  9. ocarus

    ocarus New Member

    transport control while tracking vocals in the next room.

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