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Logic X Logic Remote (No more Device IDs)

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by M57, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. M57

    M57 New Member

    I've been using Logic Remote on two devices. iPad 2 (v 8.3) and mini (v 8.1.3).. Switching between them occasionally, but with no problems.

    All of a sudden I'm getting no connection. I deleted and reinstalled the app on my iPad 2, with no joy. When I scan from Logic in the "Control Surface Window" I get:
    The models listed in italics in the Install window cannot be scanned. (Apple is in italics) Please install these devices manually..

    From there when I click on ADD as directed, I get:
    There is already a Logic Remote Do you want to add a Logic Remote #2

    Clicking on OK..
    No more Device IDs

    So how do I free up Device IDs?

  3. broadwood

    broadwood New Member

    I don't have Logic X open in front of me right now but I had the same issue after an ipad upgrade. Basically remove all instances of devices from the control surface management screen then start up ipad and it should ask to connect. i remember that I had to distinctly remove all instances before it would allow me to connect the device. I hope this helps in some way.
  4. M57

    M57 New Member

    Thanks Nick, I definitely tried that.. Bottom line: the thing just ran out of device IDs. Luckily, I got a very helpful and detailed response from the Apple Support Communities. Basically I had to delete the Logic Prefs file..

    1. Quit Logic Pro
    2. In the Finder, choose Go to Folder from the Go menu.
    3. Type ~/Library/Preferences in the "Go to the folder" field.
    4. Press the Go button.
    5. Remove the "" file from the Preferences folder. Note that if you've programmed any custom key commands, this will reset them to the defaults. You might want to export your custom key commands before performing this step.
    6. Remove the file from the preferences folder. (Note this is the control surface settings file. You may need to set up your control surfaces again after deleting this)
    7. Restart the computer.
    The down side was that I had to reset all my prefs. Not too bad. -Mark
  5. broadwood

    broadwood New Member

    At least your back on track. thanks for adding the steps, may come in useful :0)

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