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Logic X Logic Setup that explains how to use the Step Editor

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Mad Mike And The Schizos, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Hello Logic Users

    I design midi recording studio, and synthesiser software, in Logics Environment Page. I have been using Logic since 1995, and have a working knowledge of midi code in all its guises. I choses Logic because I was fascinated by midi code, and Logic has an Environment page with virtual midi tools that can be used to create synthesiser software, midi mixing desk software, any midi device can be mapped out in the Environment and controlled form the main page, and event list. I mapped out every single parameter in the Yamaha TG500, SY85, BD50XG, SW1000XG, AW1600, Korg 05R/W, and Foster MixTab. In 2003 Yamaha Research and Development pasted my SW1000XG Environment on its Synthesiser Resources Page. I have come up with a Logic Setup that explains how to use the Step Editor. Any one interested in midi.

    It is at: http://tune-004-in-logic-x-on-alchemy.my-free.website

    Mad Mike

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