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Logic 8 Logic Stops Playback after certain # of tracks

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by Parsec, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Parsec

    Parsec New Member

    Hi. I'm having an issue with Logic 8, which seems to be unexplained and unreasonable.

    after i get my tunes up to about 30-35 audio tracks with multiple plugins per track and busses with multiple plugins ( i use audio, or when i use midi i bounce down to audio for the sake of CPU ).

    so say i have exactly 35 tracks... then i go to add another WAV (sample) from my sample bank in the media area. when i drag it into the arrange area, i get a brief view of a window saying "initializing core audio" ---everytime i see that, afterwards, playback stops. no movement in the meters at all. nothing.

    it happens when i drag a sample in to the bottom of the arrange area, creating a new track by doing so. i have had some success in dragging new samples into Existing tracks without playback stopping tho.

    but it's like after a certain point, logic doesn't allow me to add to my tune. just stops playback and forces me to restart logic and sometimes my whole machine. macbook pro (late 07) 2 gigs ram, mac os x 10.4.11 ( i believe)


    any input would be appreciated. i wanna make bigger tunes with more stuff. or at least not be limited as to the stuff i can put in. no cpu problem, just no playback.

    thanks for any help

  3. Parsec

    Parsec New Member

    so has nobody else had this problem or is it something beat to death already?:confused:

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