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Logic Studio 9 - Hard Drive Upgrade

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by Howie Roxx, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Howie Roxx

    Howie Roxx Member

    Hey LUG People,

    I am stoked about the new Logic Studio 9 release. I definately will be getting it, however, I need some help finding a replacement drive for a MacBook Pro 2-1/2 years old. You fellas seem to have a lot more experience than I do.

    Right now it has a 100 GB @ 7200 rpm internal SATA drive. I have outgrown it. I would like to replace it when "Snow Leopard" is released in Sept 2009 (I hope). Then instal Logic Studio 9 and take advantage of the dual core 64 bit technology that MAC OS X TIGER is not taking advantage of. I see that Apple has a 1 TB drive for $299 but the specs indicate that you need "Leopard" as your OS. I didn't upgrade to Leopard. ALso, I am not sure if it will work with my MacBook Pro 17".

    I have been using a WD eBook 500 gb eSATA drive for excess storage. It works fine, sometimes the access time is a tad slow. I cannot afford to buy a new MAC, so hopefully a NEW much larger hard drive will get me by for a few more years.

    Thanks in advance


    MacBook Pro 17"
    Tiger OSX
    2.33 ghz dual core 64 bit Intel
    4 gb RAM
    100 gb SATA drive @ 7200 rpm
  3. Gio

    Gio Member

    I updated/Upgraded my MBP17" (2.33Ghz) internal drive for a 320 @ 7200 RPM. Slam dunk, easy peasy. Ordered it from MacMall, or Fry's (I forget) a 2.5" 320Gig @72000rpm.
    I carbon Copy Cloned my drive to an empty FW drive (make sure you make it bootable), open the MBP17 (gingerly, actually check on youtube, they have a guy that shows you how to do it for most Mac Book Pros), couple of screws, peel the old drive, repeat the process in backwards order with the new drive, boot from FW, restore with carbon Copy Clone, pour yourself an alcoholic drink of choice, feet up, enjoy.
    Now, disclaimer here, I had Leopard on my old drive, and you are on Tiger, well, no biggie. If you want to stay on Tiger till september, but need the drive now, just restore it back with tiger, when Snow Leopard comes then just upgrade as normal. It should all go smoothly.
  4. Howie Roxx

    Howie Roxx Member

    Heyyyyyy, Glo

    Thanks for the info... I appreciate such a quick response. I'll look into that.

    Margarita Italiano sounds workable :eek:)

    6 ounces frozen lemonade
    6 ounces tequila
    2 ounces amaretto
    1 ounce triple sec
    3 ounces water
    3 cups ice cubes

    Peace Out

  5. Gio

    Gio Member

    Excellent I'll try it this weekend,
    I have all the ingredients!
  6. Howie Roxx

    Howie Roxx Member

    Does anyone know if Tiger OSX has a hard drive size limitation. In other words it will not recognize a 1 TB internal drive or larger?

  7. Fabulowsky

    Fabulowsky Member

    for Mac OS X >= 10.4 ; the maximum volume size and file size (Mac OS X 10.4 or later) is close to 8 EB

    1 EB = approx. 1000 TB = 1000 1000 GB !

    So no problem with Tiger, but you might have a problem with computer bootroms that are anterior to 2003 with internal disks.

    Hope this help.
  8. Howie Roxx

    Howie Roxx Member

    WOW...... so a 1 TB is definately no problemo....

    Thanks for the info.... YES! That is very helpful.

    Thanks for the post.


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