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Logic X Logic Timing Out Input Signal

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Rus hol, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Rus hol

    Rus hol Member

    Heya, was wondering why logic X stops recognizing my audio signal.

    Using my internal mic:

    I have an Aux with input set to input 1 (my internal mic) and on the aux channel an stock eq and the stock comp. The aux's output is set to bus 1.

    Then I have an audio track with input set to bus 1.

    I was watching the analyzer on on the eq and all of a sudden it timed out...Thought it was just another strange behavioural thing X seems to have so many of, but it seems to happen regardless of me checking the eq. I.e. I can just monitor through the headphones and hear the room noise which the internal mic is picking up then it will go silent.

    It's not an iphone so this is kinda random and frustrating at best.

    I used to use 8 and 9 but was away from music for 4 years so X seems very foreign to me...possibly I'm missing something simple

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated...And maybe a copy of logic 9

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