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Logic with Avid HD Native and Omni

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by seanmccoy, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. seanmccoy

    seanmccoy New Member

    Anybody using this combination? I found some complaints posted from a few years back, but nothing too recent. Have they learned to play nice together?
  3. seanmccoy

    seanmccoy New Member

    Really? Not a single Logic user with an Avid native card and Omni?
  4. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Senior member

    If it has Core Audio drivers it will work.

  5. seanmccoy

    seanmccoy New Member

    It does have core audio drivers, and I know it will work. But my MOTU system has been so stable for so long, and there were early reports of squirelly behavior with Logic and Avid Native, so I'm concerned about whether it will work, if you know what I mean. :rolleyes: I'm just surprised that with the preponderance of people using both Pro Tools and Logic that there aren't more people who have been using this combination.
  6. Babane Spot

    Babane Spot New Member

    Hi there,

    i'm working with Logic Pro X and omni at the studio. No problem to use it ...
    OS : Maverick. Work with Logic Pro X, Pro Tools HD 11 and Cubase 7.5 as well.
    But are you working on Pro Tools HD too ?
    Because, if not, there is no particular reason to buy this stuff. Very good solution, but if you're only on logic, you may buy any other product less expensive.

    In the mean time, qs you already know, Pro Tools works on every system now ...

    May i ask you what you're expecting from this combination ? Why HD Native (just for Pro Tools HD ?) Even you've no processing card like on a HD system ?

    Please explain :)?
  7. seanmccoy

    seanmccoy New Member

    I did indeed buy the Native card and Omni to get my PT HD 10 & 11 licenses, but for my PC, where I do the bulk of my audio and post work. Moving from my RME Digiface/TotalMix/Apogee Rosetta 800 combo to the Omni has been a major functional downgrade when it comes to handling recording sessions, and I'm leaning toward going back to the RME on the PC side. The Omni converters are far superior to those in my MOTU 2408 mkII, however, so I'm considering moving the Avid stuff to the Mac side to take advantage of that. I already have a separate PT10 license on my Mac, as well, and while I prefer having Logic and PT on separate systems, I could easily transfer my HD iLok from the PC to the Mac should the need arise.

    Anyway, it's kind of a complicated mess, as you can see!
  8. Gio

    Gio Member

    Hi all,
    Sorry for the late chime in. Running LPx on HD card and Avid HD i/o (under core audio)
    16 inputs and 16 outputs seen by Logic.
    So far so good. I usually use Logic for my work, but my freelance engineers work on Pro Tools, and other studios sometimes want PT sessions.
    At home I still run my trusty Fireface 800 with my MacBook pro. Using a thunderbolt to Firewire adapter to connect to it, no problems either.
    Best of luck
  9. seanmccoy

    seanmccoy New Member

    Thanks for the info, Gio. After looking at all the options, I didn't see the moves creating a better situation, so I'm leaving everything as is for now. I recently moved from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion on my Mac, and found that Logic 9.1.8 wasn't happy there. This was the excuse I needed to finally give Logic Pro X a go, and it's running smoothly, as is Pro Tools 10. Out of curiosity, what OS and Pro Tools versions are you using?
  10. Gio

    Gio Member

    Hi Sean,
    I'm running OSX 10.9.4 (Mavericks) with PT 10.3.9 and 11.2.1
    Logic Pro is at 10.0.7
    PT 11 can be a bit of an ass, especially if you have videos on your timeline. Their 'new' video engine is a total waste. So for bigger video oriented stuff I have my crew go back to PT 10.
    The Computer is a Mac Pro (2013) with 32Gig of Ram and all internal drives.
    Hope this helps

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