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Logic X: external drive solution?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by pfloyd714714, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. pfloyd714714

    pfloyd714714 Senior member

    From Logic 6 through 9 I've used two external drives, one for samples and one for audio files. I'll be moving on to Logic X soon and have a few questions...

    1. I've read that the installer no longer offers the option of placing Logic X's sample files in any location other than the system HD, and that moving these files must be done manually. Is this more or less correct?

    2. With those files moved, will Logic X continually present an annoying message along the lines of, "Additional content must be downloaded" despite the fact that these very files are but a USB3/Firewire cable away?

    3. Or have some of you gone with the default install locations, and if so what have your experiences been?

    What might Apple's purpose be in taking away this option from the installer? Any guesses?

  3. Antaren

    Antaren Senior member

  4. Orren Merton

    Orren Merton Logic Samurai / Administrator Staff Member

    For what it's worth, I would recommend you don't futz with it. Yes, you can use symbolic links, and of course there are ways to move stuff around and try to "fake out" the system into thinking it's still there. But to me, this is playing with fire. I've had links suddenly break on me, and I'd generally be wary.

    I also used multiple drives to store everything, and I've simply resigned myself that the Apple content will remain where Apple wants it to go. So for example I keep my Apple Loops, homemade and third-party samples and impulse responses, etc. on external drives...but the factory content is on the system drive. Ultimately, it's not a problem since I use LPX's own media library to access everything, so it's all still in the same "place" in Logic. Also, I always copy used loops, samples, and impulse responses into each project, so where they are stored by default doesn't ultimately matter for the archiving of each project.

    YMMV, of course.
  5. LiquidLogic

    LiquidLogic New Member

    I have had mine moved since the day I downloaded LPX. I have never had a problem. You are really only moving the EXS Sample library 30 gig and the drummer library if you want to (18 gig or so) I moved all my apple loops and just re-indexed them. No problem at all with the Alias link. Now with Reason. Thats another story Reason does not like alias but Logic has no problem with them.

    Garage Band instruments are the same thing. Just make an alias, that will free up another 12 gig of space.
  6. ValliSoftware

    ValliSoftware New Member

    No it's not.
    Create the symbolic links before you install Logic Pro X, that way the installer will put it's contents to your external drive. The installer creates folders that it needs to put it's contents in, if the folder already exists, it's not going to delete it and that holds true for symbolic links as well. I've done this and it works.

    If you did a full install of Logic with EVERYTHING then decide to move your content to an external drive but all on the same computer, this will not happen.

    If you copy files to an external hard drive from one Mac, then connect that external drive on another Mac and run the Logic Pro X installer on the second mac like I did (Macbook Pro to a MacMini), you know all the content is there but Logic Pro X on my MacMini doesn't know because I noticed the PLIST file for the MacMini was missing receipt entries for the 57+ pkg files that get downloaded in the download content. The Logic Pro X installer doesn't scan your external drive to see if a pkg is installed or 57+ for that matter, that's what the individual pkg files do, they update the Logic Pro X PLIST file (i think some other files too).

    So in my case I got in the Download Additional Content dialog box, some Outdated and Incomplete content. So in that case, just download again and only those that say Outdated and/or Incomplete, only those pkg files will get downloaded. Once you do that, everything gets a Status of Installed.

    You can even grab the Logic Pro X installer as well as the addtional missing pkg files (which in my case was 9 pkg files), so now with my content on the external drive, I run a shell script I have that creates the symbolic links, run the Logic Pro X Installer, then the 9 pkg files and now the Status is Installed on all content. This works because that's what I did and no downloading is required.
    Plus if Apple decides to update either Logic Pro X or it's content, I'm ready for that as well.

    My MacBook Pro has everything in it's default location and runs fine, my MacMini has everything on my second hard drive and it's working fine. :D
  7. ValliSoftware

    ValliSoftware New Member

    I explain first, then captured how I now install Logic Pro X on my computer since I do reformat my Mac's from time to time.

    This is creating the symbolic links which point to my external hard drive which already has the Logic Pro X content and some additional Impulse Responses and 3rd party Apple Loops, running the Logic Pro X installer locally, then 9 addtional pkg installers to update my Status for Outdated and Incomplete content to Installed.

    But first you have to have installed Logic Pro X with all it's contents downloaded first, which I did on my MacBook Pro.

    Then I wanted to install on my MacMini so that's why I copied to the external hard drive the following 8 Logic Pro X folders to my external drive and these are the ones I created symbolic links for before I ran the Logic Pro X installer.

    /Library/Audio/Apple Loops
    /Library/Audio/Apple Loops Index
    /Library/Audio/Impulse Responses
    /Library/Application Support/Logic
    /Library/Application Support/GarageBand
    /Users/[userloginnamehere]/Music/Audio Music Apps
    /Users/[userloginnamehere]/Library/Application Support/Logic
    /Users/[userloginnamehere]/Library/Audio/Apple Loops

    In fact if you create these symbolic links first then go to the App Store to install Logic Pro X, the Logic Pro X installer will do the work for you and copy to your external hard drive.


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