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Logic X - Plugin problem after update

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by GaryJackson, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. GaryJackson

    GaryJackson Member

    Hi guys,

    I seem to have a new issue after the new update and I was wondering if anyone else has come across this problem.

    After the Logic update I noticed that my plugins were not reading properly on the VU meters etc. This happens with my logic and UA and Wave plugins, it does not effect any of the workings of the plugins which is nice. The graphic interface is actually reading before the transient rather then after say if you were using a compressor (what you might experience with latency but backwards).

    I also have had a few other graphic issues, basically say in piano roll it shows the note being played before it is actually played?

    Anyone have any ideas? Its a pain in the ass.


    Mac Pro -12 Core - OS Yosem - 20G ram - Nvidia 670TI - Tascam DM4800
  3. anp27

    anp27 Member

    I can't speak for UA or Waves since I use neither but I came across some snags with my Zebra synth. All I had to do was contact u-He support about it and they fixed the problem right away by releasing update patches. I would recommend contacting both companies about your problem or maybe posting directly on both the UA and Waves forums for some solutions.
  4. GaryJackson

    GaryJackson Member

    Thanks, Actually Im pretty sure its logic as I never had the issue before. I noticed today if its a small mix then the plugins are responding normally however if its a large mix with automation tracks, master busses, 50 tracks big, then it seems to happen and the VU meters, Waves tune, Logic compressor, everything reads before the event and before it should.

    I have a pretty wicked Mac so it cant be that? Its more than likely the way Logic is talking with the plugins on big projects no?

    I have no idea but its affecting our work, being a pro studio.

    Anyone else got any ideas of why this might be happening?


    Mac Pro -12 Core - OS Yosem - 20G ram - Nvidia 670TI - Tascam DM4800
  5. anp27

    anp27 Member

    Try going into Single User Mode: Restart your computer and hold down Command S. Then do a fsck repair.

    That solved some problems for me.
  6. GaryJackson

    GaryJackson Member

    I gave that a try and no luck. Im not sure what to do really. Oh I should mention it was fine before the update so I think that when they have updated all the plugin interfaces they updated the way plugins talk to Logic and thats not working on large large mixes?..

    Its the only conclusion I can come to as my mac is a killer...

    It seems every time we update to the latest Logic it causes us problems, some small and some not so small, I update every time hoping they have fixed some issues from the previous versions however all it does is add more problems. Ahhhh sorry for the rant, very frustrating when you have to explain to clients why things are not working as they should.

    Any other thoughts apart from waiting for another update?

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