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Logic X Question?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by St Louis, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. St Louis

    St Louis New Member

    Logic X Question?
    How do I use the plugins like Averb from Logic 9 in Logic X? I saw on a youtube tutorial, where he clicked on "Legacy" in Logic X and Averb showed up, but it is not showing up for me in Logic X, and I would like to use it. Can anyone help me?
  3. bayswater

    bayswater Senior member

    Look at the Legacy Effects part of the Logic Effects Manual.
  4. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Senior member

    Also make sure you've downloaded the Legacy content.

    The plugins are available in your channel strip, not sure if the presets are available without the content download.

    Also make sure Advanced Tools are enable in your preferences.

  5. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    Hold down the [Option] key before you click on the plugin slot, then the Legacy stuff will appear near the bottom.
  6. St Louis

    St Louis New Member

    Colin, Markdvc (Staff Member) just told me how to access this, but i didn't see his reply before I sent a conversation to you. Please see the conversation I sent you, and Thanks for the info on the use of the Option key.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2015

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