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Logic X??

Discussion in 'The LUG Lounge' started by Graeme Douglas, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Graeme Douglas

    Graeme Douglas New Member

    Please no Logic X if it's anything like the abysmal FCP X!!!
  3. mjh45

    mjh45 New Member

    I'm definitely concerned. FCP X is a joke. I've been working on the audio side of commerical advertising for about 15 years and all my pro video editor friends are just shocked at what a joke that package is.
    The writing is on the wall i'm afraid. I worked Apple retail for about 2 years - just recently left. The trend is definitely mobile devices. They can say what they like but they sell 100 ipads to every MBP. I think the trend is to back away from the pro market all together. I hope I'm wrong but some developer friends of mine have heard rumblings that Logic X could be stripped of all VI's and content- a hopped up garageband of sorts.
    Makes sense if they're planning on offering it thru the app store. I would hope then that you could still buy boxed content online or in the store. Let's just hope they don't cut functionality. I don't think any of us rely completely on one DAW- I'm a PT9 user as well. I guess there's always Nuendo and DP if it comes to that!

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