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Logic 9 Logic's future ?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by yavuz, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. yavuz

    yavuz Senior member

    I see a lot of posts lately about Logic slowly being an all around app.
    I am sure these are just rumors but I also heard that Apple is slowly killing Logic and what not.

    I am quite surprised about all this since I have been with Logic since version 3.x and I am having the best time ever lately.
    Everything has become so easy.
    Sometimes I wonder what other people are talking about.

    I have had times ( a few years back ) when I used other DAW ( mostly PT ) but, I always had Logic and it evolved into this wonderful software that works for me.
    I am a guitar player so the Amp and Pedal emulations excite me.
    However, there are so many other things that Logic can do a lot easier these days.

    My question would be about why people are not happy with Apple's touch with Logic.

    I think, Logic changed for the better after Apple purchased it.
    Why do people think that Apple will slowly kill Logic?

    It beats me.
    May be you guys have some idea.
  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, after the emagic takeover there were rumours. Then Logic 6 was released. Then there were rumours. Then Logic 7 was released. Then there were rumours (lots of rumours this time, perhaps because Apple took longer to release the next version). Then Logic 8 was released. Then there were rumours. Then Logic 9 was released. That is where we are at now.

    and of course there are rumours .....


    kind regards

  4. yavuz

    yavuz Senior member



    Not that I was ever worried about this but it's like are we looking at the same picture and seeing different things?

    I like what we have now.
  5. b-pole

    b-pole Member

    I changed to Logic 8 after several years with Cubase, started with Cubase VST/32 v3.6.

    So I hope too, that after Logic 9 will come Logic 10 in the future.;)
  6. Rain

    Rain Member

    I've just recently moved back to Logic, having finally made the switch to Mac. I did contemplate the Pro Tools option for a bit, the main advantage being that I could have run it on both PC and Mac for the transition period. But less than 2 days of working w/ OS X and there was no going back. Since I didn't have to compromise, I went straight for Logic, which I've always loved.

    So I sure hope those rumors - which I haven't heard - are just that.
    From my perspective, the acquisition by Apple only made things better - the OSX/Logic combo is a dream come true. I didn't expect it to be as amazing as it is. For the first time in over ten years of creating and mixing music computers, I feel like "this is it".
  7. yavuz

    yavuz Senior member

    My thoughts exactly :):thmbup:
  8. Jarguzzi

    Jarguzzi New Member

    I´ve worked with Logic since version 2.6.7. There were only midi and audio tracks to record. No Plugins, no flex, etc. Only to use as digital tracker. And I worked with PT 4 years 10 hours the day. So I can say, I know both worlds and each world has pros and cons. Logic gives me so much power and the audio editing will be better and better from version to version. You will find cons in every DAW (Logic, Samplitude, Cubase, PT, ....) but you have to figure out, which tool is better for your working space. For me Logic is a superb working tool which I don't want to miss.
  9. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    This is one of these self-replicating unsubstantiated rumours that keeps resurfacing every few months since July 2002 when Apple announced the acquisition of Emagic.

    If a statement gets made it becomes alive and never dies. It's irrelevant whether or not the statement is true or not.

    Lots of journalism has become this way as well. They don't report facts. They simply report that somebody has made a statement about something.

    Dogs give you cancer.

    You can now mention that you heard that dogs give you cancer, because it's totally true. No, not the fact that dogs give you cancer. What's true is the fact that the statement has been made.
  10. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Psst... did you hear: Logic Pro is now part of Apples Pro Audio Division, and that it has only gotten better, and gained thousands of new users?

    Yea, and it's considered by most to be the premium music creation/composition DAW out there.

    And since that crappy company Apple took it over, all the old additional plug-ins that cost us thousands (do the math) are now included for FREE, as well as 40 gig of loops and instruments and patches...

    And I hear Apple has no plans on tossing one of their best selling apps that make the users upgrade to new computers ever 3 or 4 years.

    No really, I heard that from someone I know close to the company ;-)
  11. robgb

    robgb Member

    So are the rumors true???!!!!???? ;)
  12. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    We all know that computers at their very core use ones and zeroes. I just heard that the next major version of Logic will be the first one to use both a One AND a Zero.
  13. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    I heard the next version of Logic is actually going to start using a 2 as well, and all the third party plug-ins will have to be re-written.
  14. bayswater

    bayswater Senior member

    It's all true you know. Apple has been working on the destruction of Logic since they bought it. They were so enraged when they saw what they had bought, they vowed to remove it from the face of the earth. The plan is so elaborate and complex and so thorough that it is taking years to execute, and will cost billions.

    This plan is top secret. To cover their tracks Apple keeps improving the code and adding features so no one will be able to guess what they're up to. But I happen to know how they're going to pull off the rapid and complete ruination of Logic. They're going to sell it to Gibson.
  15. Brian Stone

    Brian Stone Member

    I think the rumors like this are a bit crazy, but I can also understand WHY they appear. Apple is a big company and its difficult to know what's going on with all the Apple secrecy about development. This leads to conjecture.

    I think if you look at how many updates Logic, MainStage have gotten since Logic Studio 2 was released, you see a really clear commitment. 64-bit was HUGE. Maybe not for everyone, but the effort required to implement it must have been significant.

    The other thing that you don't want to forget is that Apple changed the price of Logic to $499 (usd) and this forced all of the other competitors to follow. Apple appears to mean business and wants to sell a lot of Logic.

    I remember that the last Steve keynote when they talked about GarageBand, they said there were something like 5,000,000 GarageBand users. Since GB and Logic are tied closely together, seems like Apple is very serious about music creation software.

    So, do I believe the rumors? no way.

  16. yavuz

    yavuz Senior member

    I have a friend who is a singer and sells a lot of records.
    He is a rock-star.
    He always stayed away from computer programs for music for a long time.
    It's because he always had people to do it for him.

    Then, he got into garage band -cut- about a year and half passed by - cut-
    Now, he uses Logic :)
    He knows how to use compressors!
    He does composing with computers now.

    If it wasn't for garageband, I do not think he would go into DAWs at all.
    This actually shows how smart it is for Apple to lay down a path with Garage Band ->Logic Express ->Logic.
    Apple will make a lot of Logic users out of musicians who does not use DAWs.
  17. Brian Stone

    Brian Stone Member

    I have heard this story and so many others that confirm that the concept is solid. I think GarageBand is one of the most important music creation achievements I've seen so far. No its not pro, but its creating a lot of new users that may be pros someday.

    I love to dream about how different my life would have been if I'd started with GarageBand instead of a Portastudio and a Roland MC500MKII. (okay, now you know how ancient I am)

    Still, the barrier to entry for music creation/production is lower than its every been. Even Logic Studio at $500 is pretty amazing. I think I spent hundreds of $$$ for the Portastudio I had in the mid 80s. Just took a look at the original portastudio from the 70s and it was $1299. Crap quality, no editing, primitive mixing, no effects..

  18. Rain

    Rain Member

    Agreed about GarageBand and how it can turn people on to music production.

    Coming from the PC side, it's funny to see how your perception changes about this whole thing. I wasn't all that happy to see Apple acquire eMagic and drop PC support back then, and the strategic move was not something I really felt inclined to appreciate.
  19. robgb

    robgb Member

    In the 80's I spent $3,000 on a Teac/Tascam reel-to-reel 4-track, and later spent another three grand on a Yamaha QX1 sequencer. Both became obsolete within a year of their purchase, although I continued to use the Teac for quite some time.

    Over the years I figure I've spent upwards of twenty grand on gear, and if you throw in computers and software, that easily doubles.

    If I had had Logic back in the day, life would have been so wonderful.
  20. Rain

    Rain Member

    I was a poor musician - I used to borrow 4 tracks from friends or rent them when I could afford. Else, I'd just use two tape decks and bounce back and forth, overdubbing live. I eventually inherited an old Sony open reel machine from the 60's, which made bouncing easier.

    Looking back, there was a lot of creativity involved in the process - 2 boss pedals, a borrowed Akai beatbox which I could never program, built-in tape echo and a couple of guitars. It all had to come from that.

    I can't imagine how it would have been to have anything like GarageBand back then, with all the effects and loops. I'd have gone nuts.
  21. Brian Stone

    Brian Stone Member

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Constraints can definitely drive creativity. I've always tried to apply constraints to my compositional process. Today, we run the risk of being completely overwhelmed with creative options. I think plug-ins are wonderful, but they can become an addiction that leads to loss of productivity. At one point, I think I had over 350 plug-ins. How the hell can anyone make a choice when there are 40 EQs to choose from?

    I'm all about defining the constraints before the work begins.


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