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Logic 7 & earlier Looking for a blue PC XS key USB Dongle to buy

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by jayer, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. jayer

    jayer New Member

    Looking for a blue PC XS key USB Dongle to buy
  3. natere2ster

    natere2ster New Member

    I've got a pair if you want to buy one let me know.
  4. jayer

    jayer New Member

    Hi natere2ster
    That's fantastic,message me and we could discuss the item, price and postage?.
  5. miamisunray

    miamisunray New Member


    Will that dongle allow the use of Logic7? If so could you also give me the details?


    north Miami
  6. slondo1

    slondo1 New Member

    Nate, I need one as well! Please contact me if you have any left!
  7. jayer

    jayer New Member

    Hi Guys I am going to ask to have this thread I created closed,if you'd like to find a XS key USB please start your own thread.I didnt find a USB key in the end.Nate please deal with any potential buyers under your own thread, thanks.
  8. jayer

    jayer New Member

    Cleary Nate just took the software I sent him and didn't make a deal on the dongle.Not a person to be trusted

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