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Logic 9 Looking for a stable way to upgrade from 8.0.2 to 9

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by theprawn, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. theprawn

    theprawn New Member

    Hello folks

    I'm having a bit of a studio software upgrade. I need to move to 64-bit so I can start using some of the newer plugins. But I'm hesitant to upgrade via the App Store as I hear many worries about operating system and Logic version updates. (I score to picture and also I produce, sometimes projects with 50+ tracks, so stability is critical.)

    I would really appreciate your experience on a couple of questions:

    - I guess there are no upgrades any more since the app is now so cheap. However, from what I read the most stable working combination is OS 10.6.8 with Logic 9.1.5. Is it possible for me to install 9.1.5 as a fresh install given the App Store version is now 9.1.7? Or am I on the wrong track re. 9.1.5?

    - I plan to clone my system drive before updating so I can boot from it into my pre-upgrade setup if necessary. Are there other measures I could/should take to ensure I have a workable setup in case of issues?

    - I hear Lion is a no-no for serious Logic use so I plan to stick on 10.6.8. Sensible?

    I appreciate any time you can give me.


    Setup: 2.66GHz Quad Xeon, 8Gb RAM, 10.6.6, Logic 8.0.2; Focusrite Saffire LE FW, third party plugins most importantly from East West (Play) and NI (Komplete)
  3. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Senior member

    9.1.7 and 10.6.8 working fine here, most are not having problems, even with 10.7.x
  4. theprawn

    theprawn New Member

    thanks g!
  5. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    I'm very happy with serious Logic use, 9.1.7 Lion 10.7.4

    You are doing the right thing by making a bootable clone though, if you have that there should never be any need for downtime whatever happens.

    If possible have two or more clones.

    You could make your clone of your current system

    Install Logic 9, make another clone

    Install Lion.

    That way you are covered.

    But OTOH, if you don't like the "advances" made with Lion, then there's no need to bother with it anyway for now.
  6. theprawn

    theprawn New Member

    thank you Pete, interesting, glad to hear another side!
  7. theprawn

    theprawn New Member

    also good plan re. cloning as you go... glad to hear it might not be necessary to jump to Lion :)
  8. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    I'm with Pete - I'm using Logic 9.1.7 with Lion 10.7.4 and I have fewer problems than I had with 10.6.x

    Every user is different and will have a unique experience, depending on what other software they use, what plugins are installed etc etc etc. Just be aware that you'll lose the use of any Power PC apps you may have as there is no more Rosetta in Lion. I have kept a 10.6.x system on a spare partition in case I need to run old apps.

    Progress hurts....

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