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Looking for drum loops for popular synth pop.

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by brionfi, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. brionfi

    brionfi New Member

    I am looking to purchase drum loops for the modern era. I like pop, synth-pop, electro pop, indie electronic etc and I am having a problem finding the sound i need coming from the drum section.

    Can anyone advise on where or how to find these loops? I am weary of websites offering loops for free in case they have a virus. And it is hard to pay for drum loops that I can not hear 1st.

    Any advise is appreciated!
    Thank you.

    influences are
  3. Leon Gilroy

    Leon Gilroy New Member these are free these are paid

    With the free ones Just read comments and look at how many downloads they've had to avoid virus'

    All paid sites should have the option to listen to the drum loops before you buy.

    If they don't tickle your fancy pretty much any google hits worth checking out, just research the source a little to make sure its not riddled. I dont use loops for drums much anymore since alot of them already come compressed and brickwalled for my style so its harder to mix for me= Another thing to consider when youre paying for them especially.

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