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looking for producers/programmers

Discussion in 'Musicians Wanted' started by reliablex, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. reliablex

    reliablex New Member

    hi all,

    I am looking for several producers/programmers to create good quality instrumental soundalike versions of current music.
    Source material falls roughly within 2 broad-ish catagories: Modern Pop Rock and Big Room Club mixes of pop songs.
    Emphasis is on programming and performance as we will do final mixes here.
    I'll need music stems to be uploaded to our server.
    This job is a moderately reimbursed :)

    Hit me up with any questions
  3. mattrixx

    mattrixx Senior member

    I would be interested to hear more about this.
  4. reliablex

    reliablex New Member

    hi Matt - I have emailed you off-forum :)
  5. DefiesLogic

    DefiesLogic New Member

  6. reliablex

    reliablex New Member

    payment depends on complexity of the song, instrumentation and level of completion you can deliver - i prefer to discuss this on a song by song basis.
  7. DefiesLogic

    DefiesLogic New Member

    ok - check out my website wolfmusic.com and make me an offer at leonard@wolfmusic.com if you like - lw
  8. SoundOfCentaurs

    SoundOfCentaurs New Member

    I'm Very Intrested
    if you could give me more information i'd be very grateful =)

  9. Ufonic

    Ufonic New Member

    Hi, I would be interested in helping out - please feel free to email me at ufonic@hotmail.co.uk
  10. Channel Smurfer

    Channel Smurfer New Member

    Hey there - ny name is Channel Surfer. I have an extensive resume of dance oriented productions in various genres.

    I would be interested in doing some work for you.

    Please email : channelsmurf@gmail.com
  11. bela

    bela New Member

    Hi reliablex,
    in the last years I programmed and published more than 800 professional Midi Files that were used for live performances. Please send me an MP3 and I'll program 15 seconds of every kind of music (orchestral, classical etc. also) for free as a test for you.
    Email me at: gcala@tiscalinet.it
  12. Alex Casey

    Alex Casey New Member

    Hi, reliablex!

    I've got good experience in rock and dance music with emphasis on arrangement. Let me know if you are interested in collaboration. I've sent a private message with links to some of my tracks. Email me at: alcasey@mail.ru
  13. russhurley

    russhurley New Member

    Still looking for stuff???
  14. KaySmoke

    KaySmoke New Member

  15. steven hewlett jr

    steven hewlett jr New Member

    hello sir

    Hey my name is steven E hewlett jr. I currently have music on itunes and amazon and a few other places you can take a listen to, I am a soldier currently deployed in afghanistan. I would be willing to do it just for the recognition, and the opportunity to share music- If you think i have the required talent for the job please email me at ironclaws101@yahoo.com or stevenhewlett@vzw.blackberry.net I still receive emails out here. thank you for your time and consideration sir. To find my music you can either google steven e hewlett jr "just music" is the name of the freshman album of instrumentals done entirely on logic 9 in afghanistan.
  16. FUBARd

    FUBARd Member

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