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Logic 9 loop recording and punch in & out

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by albylizhard, May 22, 2012.

  1. albylizhard

    albylizhard New Member

    Hi there , I'm from Italy .

    I notice that in Logic 9 I can't make a selection on an audio track for a loop recording and then make a smaller selection in it in which set up a punch in & out recoridng , where I can overdub over several times .
    creatin a take foldr in order to choose later the better take .
    In that case I can only have just one recording , then when the loop start the recording stop and I only have a playback .
    Is it possible ?

    How you guys set up a loop recording in order to get the "perfect take " but you wanna play on the song a little bit ahead in order to get the right feeling ?

    Hope I make it clear, sorry for my mistake with English :)

  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    You need to set your cycle and punch in points separately. Set your cycle over the larger area that includes some pre roll and post roll. And then enable Autopunch mode with the punch in and out points set where you want.

    For example, you could cycle from bars 1 to 8, and only punch in/out on bars 3 to 6. That way you will keep cycling over the full eight bars and playing along as you want, but only recording in the specific Autopunch area (bars 3 to 6 in this example). As long as the Replace mode is not enabled, you will create a take folder that captures the recording on each successive pass through the Autopunch area.
  4. albylizhard

    albylizhard New Member

    Thanks for answer .
    That's excactly the way I'm doing the punch in & out ,; the thing is that I don't know why when the loop go back to the bar where I set it to go ( in your example the 1st ) but when the cycle start again , automaticaly it goes on play and the recording stop itself .

    Substancilly I can only have a punch in with that way , then it go on "play" ..... if I want to record again I have to press the record button again , but in that way I have to move my hand from the neck .

    There's any other settings will helps ?
  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    It's normal that it drops out of record mode once the Autopunch zone is passed. So reverting to Play mode at the beginning of the cycle is normal. The question is, if you let it run, will it drop back into record mode the next time it reaches the autopunch in point?
  6. albylizhard

    albylizhard New Member

    No , it doesn't ...it just play the recording previously made ... so in that way it is only possible one...unless you press record again , but then you'll heard a "break" in the sound.... it stop a second and it goes again ....
    It's really weird...it is a really simple feature to me .... guess it is possible in pro tools and Sonar too ... but I still love logic interface ,so It's worth to spend time on it ....
  7. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Does your bar ruler look something like in this screenshot?

    Attached Files:

  8. albylizhard

    albylizhard New Member

    Yes exactly ... the green line for the loop area bigger then the red line for the punch in & out ;
    Did you try it yourself ? Try it with an audio track , and see if you can have more then one recording ....I've almost try every kind of recording setting and other settings but still ... I can only have 1 recording (unless I press the record button every time the loop go back and start the green area again )

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