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Logic 9 Loosing my Multi's when saving...

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by PhilD, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. PhilD

    PhilD New Member

    I'm still kinda new to OSX & I come from a
    Windows Cubase background so please bare with me

    Every time I save a project with an instance of
    Omnisphere I loose the Multi I had just setup

    Is this behaviour typical of AU instruments within Logic?

    Do I need to save the .aupreset for each instrument?
    If so, that's kind've annoying & is just another step to
    interrupt the creative flow.
    Please advise on any rules of thumb/best practices


  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Not sure of exactly what you mean: Are you saying when you do a save your multi disappears (no outputs available, etc) or if you create an save a multi, and then open a new song it is not there (in this case you would require to make a template with your multi) or are you saying the contents of the mutli instrument is not being properly saved in Omnisphere (in this case just save your multi within omnisphere before you save, but I have not seen this kind of thing in my use of Omnisphere, only within VEPro).

    Which would it be?
  4. PhilD

    PhilD New Member

    I have made up a template using 2 instances of
    Omnisphere for auditioning GM midi files etc.
    I don't open as a multi-timbral instrument, instead
    I configure the environment to see Onmi as an
    external midi device or what ever it is called.
    That part is working okay but that is kinda off topic

    Because I'm used to VSTi's from my Cubase days, I just
    expected all the Omni patches to load along with the rest of the project.
    But instead I get omnisphere loaded with none of the
    patches loaded, only the defaults

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