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Logic 9 Lost disks

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Mat, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Mat

    Mat New Member

    I had a piles of disks stolen from my bag about a year ago - my main Logic disks among them. It didn't unduly stress me at the time - all my songs and sounds were happily on my laptop. But come 2010 I have a lovely new imac. So, I transfer across my copy of Logic. Fine. And the songs. All good. But now I have no instruments. The folder with all of the Jam Band instruments doesn't seem to want to move. Any ideas how to transfer it? I actually still have all the Jam Bands disks but they wont load without the Logic installer. Is there an obvious way round this that I've missed?
  3. gscot

    gscot New Member

    What does "...doesn't seem to want to move" mean? They can't be copied?

    -- Gerry
  4. Mat

    Mat New Member

    Yes, they show up in Spotlight, but when I connect the laptop to the Imac, they don't appear in the files.
  5. gscot

    gscot New Member

    Spotlight and it's reliability is another topic. I find the whole thing most confounding. Either they are on the "from-Mac" or they aren't. If they are on the "from-Mac, burn them to a DVD or CD, I guess, and see if we'll be recognized by the "to-Mac".


    -- Gerry

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