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Logic 9 Lost samples when dragged into Arrange window?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by markfrancombe, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. markfrancombe

    markfrancombe New Member


    I can audition anything in my Loop Browser, but oftenm when I drag a chosen loop into the arrange window, Logic 9 complains.

    Heres an example.
    I search for Lounge. I get a result of Lounge Jazz drums, one sounds OK for what I need, and is playing nicely at the correct tempo with my track.
    I drag it into my Arrange window, and I get a box
    EXSX24 Instrument "Jazz kit .exs"
    Audio file "SD09X02.aif not found!

    So why can I hear it in the browser?

  3. Michael F Clef

    Michael F Clef New Member

    Hmm. Are you dragging it into an Audio Track? Not a software instrument track?
  4. markfrancombe

    markfrancombe New Member

    No, im just draggin it to an empty space in the arrange wiindwo, it would normally MAKE a track of the correct type for me...
  5. markfrancombe

    markfrancombe New Member

    Well blow me down! ITS WAS THAT! You know I have always thought that Logic was cleverer than that.. in fact I could have sworn that it did this before, but YES, I made an audio track manually and then the loop added to that track no problem..

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