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Low latency mode preference ignored

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Lauren2010, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Lauren2010

    Lauren2010 Member


    After I enable low latency mode in a Logic X project and save the project, it is not enabled after I reopen the project.

    I must remember to enable low latency mode each time I open any project.

    Very annoying.

    My prefs show it enabled as a default, but its ignored.


  3. EdgarRothermich

    EdgarRothermich Senior member

    Two things:

    Preferences are Logic-settings and not Project-settings, so saving your Project does not save the Preferences settings. They are usually saved when you quit the app.

    About the "Low Latency Mode" status.
    I'm not sure if the behavior is bug or designed on purpose. The other two settings, the "Compensation" and the "ms" are stored as a preference. My guess is that Low Latency is a Mode that you specifically enable at the moment when you need it. Maybe that is the reason why it is off by default when you launch a Project.

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