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Logic 9 LP9 won't load a Waves Plugin (supertap mono-stereo)

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by theobets, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. theobets

    theobets New Member

    I'm trying to load an old Logic 7 project on a new MacPro running LP9.1.1 (32 bit(

    There is one Waves' Supertap mono-stereo plugin which the project will not load. Instead, Logic now tells me that "Supertap2 mono-stereo not available." However, I can go into my AU plugin window and select it from there. However, when I do this, my previous settings are not loaded as the plugin loads as a new plugin.

    Is there any way to get LP9 to find the Supertap mono-stereo plug while the project itself is loading?

    (You can see on the screenshots that I can actually open the Supertap plugin in Logic, but I need it to open the one that was already on the session)


    (by the way, if a Logic 7 / waves 5 user is reading this... Please can you just save this preset setting for me? thanks! it will save my ass)

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