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LPX Drum Replacement/Double - no ransiets

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by orcasound, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. orcasound

    orcasound Member

    Not sute if this has already been mentioned - but i wanted to use the drum replacement feature - however the region is not showing the yellow transient markers - so it is impossible to correctly adjust the sensitivity slider.
  3. orcasound

    orcasound Member

    this seems to be confirmed by some others - Anyone here have come across this?
  4. forgetr

    forgetr Member

    Have you tried Transient Editing mode in the File Editor?
  5. HKC

    HKC Senior member

    I just checked and you're right there is no way to visually see what you are doing. I have never really used replacement like that because I found it too imprecise anyway.
    Like suggested above the transient editing mode is where "you can know for sure" :)

    On the other hand I don't understand why the replacement feature has all these options if you can't tell what you're doing. Maybe they have forgotten how it used to be.....

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