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LPX VEP5 Pro and Play 4.1 Bug.. Any Ideas?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by LiquidLogic, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. LiquidLogic

    LiquidLogic New Member

    I found some strange behavior in LPX 10.0.5. Im not sure if its a bug or if I just need to RTFM. LOL So here it goes

    Open Logic Pro X
    Create Instrument Track MultiTimbral
    Choose the track with the Yellow lines (randomly chosen by logic as the plugin track?)
    Instantiate VEP 5 Pro Multi Output 16 on that track

    Mac Mini (other computer)
    Load Hollyweird Strings Violins 1, goto _quickstart HS and load all of, say, Violins 1 that will be 9 patches
    Change Midi on all patches to 1-9 (1 - being 1st violin led Slur LT 3 NI and 9 - Being 1st Violin Trill 2 HT/WT

    Go back to Logic and Connect VEP to Strings on Mac Mini
    Now try to play Midi Channel 1.. it doesn't play. This happens on all Stringed instruments and all patches

    The fix:
    In HW Strings if there are 9 patches, like above, go back to LPX and make a new multi-timbral track with 10 channels. Delete the first experiment from above
    Now, Channel 1 won't play as usual,
    So go back to the HW strings and delete channel 1 and re add it as channel 10
    and now map channel 10 in LPX to Channel 10 in HW strings and it will work..

    Weird things that make me think this is Logic pro X.
    If you create the instrument track and it puts the track with the yellow lines to the right as the first track. Nothing works. delete the instrument and add one number to the amount of midi channels and it will randomly choose some other place for the yellow lined track.

    Track stacks,
    Several times I actually got it to work with midi channel one mapped to LPX but as soon as I would create a track stack it would no longer work and I would have to the the fix above.
    Something about midi channel 1 it doesnt like..

    Im going to post this on some other forums.. Im not sure if its an LPX, VEP, EW Problem.

    LPX 10.0.5
    Play 4.1
    VEP latest Version
    Mac Pro Mavericks 10.9.1
    Mac Mini Mavericks 10.9.1

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