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M-Audio Midi Sport vs. Belkin Powered USB hub (or similar)

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Daver89, Mar 9, 2016.


What is a better option for performance?

  1. M-Audio Midi Sport worth $150

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  2. Belkin (or similar) powered USB 3 hub $60 and no new cables or waiting.

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  1. Daver89

    Daver89 New Member

    Hi All,


    I currently have 3 external midi instruments all hooked up to my computer via USB 2.0 un-powered hub.

    Microkorg, Akai Drum Machine, Roland 555. (All set to separate midi channels, and all set to send and receive regular single instrument configs)

    Midi interfaces: 2 roland UM 1s and 1 m-audio midi - usb.

    I'm running the newest logic. All instruments are on separate midi channels, auto demix is turned on, all instruments are mapped to the sequencer in the midi environment as follows: physical inputs --> transformers (that are all fixed to the correct midi channels) -->sequencer. Low Latency is turned on. All audio patched into interface and mapped to midi channels via external instrument plugin. All channels are record enabled for live jam/playing when not recording.

    This setup should work for live jamming and recording.


    External midi instruments are triggering other external midi instruments that are plugged into the same USB hub.
    Audio and Midi drop outs are occurring.
    Microkorg will randomly trigger mute on different channels, or trigger the Roland sampler. (Note: They are both using a midi cable that has the same name UM - ONE).


    Is my old USB hub the problem? (pretty sure it is) And if so, would it be better to buy an M-Audio midi sport 4x4 for $150


    Would a Belkin (or similar) powered 4 port USB 3 hub ($60) do the job so I could have 3 discrete midi channels?

    I don't care about price as much as I do about performance. If the M-Audio performance is superior to a USB hub then I would want to go with the M-Audio, but if a USB hub could do the same job/same performance, and I don't have to buy new cables, or wait for the new M-Audio 4x4h which has a USB hub built-in (again, is the performance better?) then the cheaper option would be better.

    Please let me know.


  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    I have never seen this happen and rather suspect that the problem is somewhere else. Some MIDI interfaces can be patched, but you seem to use three 1-port interfaces, so this can't be the issue. USB interfaces do not connect their ports. Just play without any music software, that does not trigger other synths, right?

    Maybe you have some software like MIDI Patchbay or MIDI Pipe runnning or your Logic sends incoming events out again, probably via the Logic Environment.


    Apart from this issue, your setup isn't optimal for you. Better get a good MIDI interface with at least 4 inputs and a good active USB hub with as many ports as you need.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2016

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