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Logic 8 M-Audio Oxygen 8

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by deanglover, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. deanglover

    deanglover New Member

    i ordered one of these for cheap off ebay, i can tell theyre a very popular controller

    mine isn't the v2 with the transport buttons it's an old one and still called MIDIMAN rather than M-Audio

    well i found the drivers on the M-audio website, downloaded for 10.5.7 which im running obviously - restarted... and it doesn't seem to be registering in logic

    there's no midi activity on the transport panel, like note on/off or anything... and since it's a USB - there's no system preference option either (even tho there is for my M-audio fast track pro interface)

    im worried it hasn't installed properly, if at all

    anyone encountered this before?

    (i promise, after i get this sorted i will be quiet posting problems all the time - im a logic beginner!)

  3. Eddie Sullivan

    Eddie Sullivan Senior member

    MIDIMAN USB Controller

    First thing you want to do is check to see if the Controller is being seen by the Mac OS, you do this by launching the Audio MIDI Setup (AMS)


    You should then see a window that looks like this:


    If you don't see your USB device there, that means that there is something not compatible with the M-Audio Driver and that device or the OS. If AMS does not see your controller, Logic won't either.
  4. deanglover

    deanglover New Member

    sorted it, thanx a lot ;)
  5. deanglover

    deanglover New Member

    there is another problem... i had it working yesterday, and ive turned on my macbook pro today and it wasn't registering in logic again,

    so i went to that Audio MIDI set up - and the keystation is there but it's greyed out!!!

    im really struggling here :(
  6. deanglover

    deanglover New Member

    an important lesson learned

    M-Audio oxygen 8's do not work with USB hubs... they only work when plugged directly into the machine!

    maybe this goes for other USB devices
  7. ashtarbrian

    ashtarbrian New Member

    yeah, i was using one to test my system out, and had the same problem, i actually found the OPPOSITE of mr.deanglovers above response... my old old midiman oxygen 8 ONLY worked when run through a usb hub. Give that a try.
  8. logicman

    logicman New Member

    hey i need help asap

    dear dean what machine are u talking about when u say midi man only works threw machine and not usb hub do u mean m audio box u got it hooked up straight threw their...
  9. logicman

    logicman New Member

    need help with midid man please respond... dont know how to hook it up at all.... i mean i do but im getting no sound at all and i see something abut downloading audio drivers, i dont know how to do that, if someone could please advise..
  10. _P_I_P_

    _P_I_P_ New Member

    Oxygen 8v2

    I have recently updated to Maverick

    Plugged in my Oxygen 8v2 in and is detected in AMS, but no activity in Logic X
    Is it a plug and play device? Its in a USB input in iMac, but no activity in Logic.

    Does it need drivers? Some places say its outdated and drivers are not available for Maverick, others say its just a plug and play keyboard

    Whats the crack? Any info is much appreciated

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