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Logic Studio apps Mainstage 2 with SL in 64 bit

Discussion in 'MainStage' started by wgc, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. wgc

    wgc New Member

    Anyone successfully running Mainstage 2 in 64 bit WITHOUT audio dropouts, midi hangs etc...Oh and is anyone brave enough to use it with and M-audio interface? I've used Mainstage 1 in 10.5 with my ProFire 610 and there are glitches....wondering if version 2 is more stable...From the looks of the apple forum it's not, but thought I would ask here. Thanks!


  3. Fr3ShiE

    Fr3ShiE Member

    At the risk of sounding low brow...

    What is the benefit of running MainStage at 64bit?:confused:

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