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Logic Studio apps Mainstage FW Interface Problem

Discussion in 'MainStage' started by Uwe Rodi, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Uwe Rodi

    Uwe Rodi Member

    I'm using mainstage with a Macbook (1,1 Core Duo 1.83 Ghz 2GB Ram) and a Focusrite Saffire pro 24 Interface.
    It worked fine for me but now from time to time the Audio Output stopps.
    I looked in the Console Programm and found the following lines:
    11.03.11 14:56:41 kernel ERROR: FireWire (OHCI) Lucent ID 5811 built-in: handleUnrecoverableErrorInt
    11.03.11 14:56:41 kernel Saffire: ReadFWBuffers (0): receive mismatch
    11.03.11 14:56:41 kernel Saffire: timestamp FIFO (0): using 4458 for packet with DBC error
    11.03.11 14:56:41 kernel Saffire: ReadFWBuffers(0) dbc 1, received: 0000, expected: 0040

    Does anyone know this problem or has a solution for it? I can bring back the sound when I change the Buffer Settings in Saffire MixControl but no matter which setting I choose, the issue comes back after a while.
    It seems that it happens under high load of the processors.

    Greetings Uwe
  3. Uwe Rodi

    Uwe Rodi Member

    Am I really the only one with this problem?
    Greetings Uwe
  4. Pitk

    Pitk New Member

    Have you tried to change the FW cable?
  5. Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson Senior member

    Can't help with your problem but I still get problems with Ultrabeat loops no longer responding after a CPU spike.

    Never had an explanation so just try to live with it.

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