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Logic 9 Making a playlist with Logic Pro 9 or Main Stage

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by ccrosen, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. ccrosen

    ccrosen New Member

    We are using Logic to make cover songs. We make bass guitar,click track, and all other keyboards etc.. into 4 channels. 2 mono 1 stereo. We use a Presonus 1818vsl to seperate the channels. All the songs have been edited and I want to play them in a "Set list" 15 songs to a set.
    How can I arrange the songs so that they play one after the other?
    Any help will be appreciated !
  3. ccrosen

    ccrosen New Member


    Can anyone help me? I have had Logic support on the phone 3 times they keep telling me its possible but wont tell me how to do it....they email me links to the manual Ive read the manual on Logic,Garage Band, and Main Stage so much I'm starting to twitch and studder
  4. pfloyd714714

    pfloyd714714 Senior member

    Why not just bounce each song song to a single stereo file? You can then create a new project and import your bounced songs, lining them up one after another.

    Or have I misunderstood what it is you're trying to do?

  5. ccrosen

    ccrosen New Member

    need more than stereo

    Thanks for the response....I need to be able to play the files with 4 stereo left and right and 2 separate outputs for the bass guitar and the "click" track that we make for the live drummer to follow....does this make sense how I am explaining this?
    Thanks Carl
  6. pfloyd714714

    pfloyd714714 Senior member

  7. ccrosen

    ccrosen New Member

    Yes that is what I am doing now.....My problem is I need to learn how to set up a set list of 15 songs so that I hit play and they will all play from beginning to end then start the next song and so on. Keeping them grouped in one file with a total of 3 sets with 15 songs in each and remember these are still midi files not audio files
  8. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    If you know the order in advance, set your routing up, and place the songs consecutively in the timeline in the order you want for each set. It's a lot of set up work, but once it's done, it should work fine. You could use three separate Project files; one for each set.
  9. ccrosen

    ccrosen New Member


    I have all my routing done in all the songs...1 & 2 are stereo keyboards 3 & 4 left is bass guitar , right is the click track for the drummer... How do I make a "timeline"
  10. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    What I am suggesting, and it is by no means ideal but will get the job done, is to arrange all the songs in one big project file for each set. So, to set it up, you could try something like this:

    1. Set up the first song as you like it. Do a Save As command and save it as something like "Set List 1".

    2. Open song 2, select all, copy to clip board.

    3. Open Set List 1. Place the playhead after the end of the first song. Insert a tempo event and set it to the tempo of song 2. Paste in your new data from the clipboard. If you have the same track layout in each of the songs you already set up and are only working with MIDI, this should be fairly painless.

    4. Save your Set List 1 project and close it.

    5. Open song 3. Select all, copy to clipboard. close it.

    6. Open Set List 1. Position the playhead after song 2. Insert the correct tempo for song 3. Paste song 3 in from the clipboard.

    7. Repeat for each song until the project called Set List 1 contains all the songs you want lined up in the timeline with the proper tempo changes where necessary.

    Tip: If you want the whole set to play through from start to finish, just space the songs apart with the amount of time between them that you want.

    If you want to stop/start them manually, set up Markers at each new song position. Then you can easily navigate through this master project with Marker based key commands.
  11. ccrosen

    ccrosen New Member


    Excellant ! I will do that.....3 questions?

    1.can I stop the playlist manually if I dont use markers?

    2. How do I set the tempo for each song? If I copy and paste the song won't it copy the tempo as well?
    3.I need to use an Alesis D4 external drum module to play a click sound for my drummer. We find that we can "tune" a cowbell down in the Alesis so it's less offensive in his ear bud. We tried tuning the cowbells in Logic but found we could not.. I would rather stay in Logic for this, perhaps you have some guidance on the subject
    Thank you so much !

  12. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Hi Carl,

    To try and answer your questions.....

    1. Yes, you can stop and start manually anytime. It's not a "play list". Logic doesn't use that concept. It is just one big project with a bunch of songs lined up one after another.

    2. When you copy and paste the regions from one project to another (which is what you will be doing) there may be some embedded tempo information in the audio files. But I would suggest doing it manually so that you are in complete control of how things get set up.

    In terms of how to do it, here is the short answer: Press T to open the Tempo Window on the right of the Arrange Window. Position the playhead to where you want to create tempo changes (at the beginning of a new song). Press the Create button in the Tempo Window. Adjust the newly created tempo event to the desired value.

    Now, admittedly there are a lot more sophisticated tempo functions in Logic, and other ways of doing this; but this is quick and simple. It's how I would personally choose to go about it in your situation.

    3. LOL, my band used to use a D4 live as well and I (the drummer) was in the same situation, with a MIDI generated click routed from one of the separate D4 outputs to my headphone mix.

    In any case, if you want to remove the D4 from the equation, why not just sample the tuned cowbell and then set it up in an EXS 24 instrument. You can then route it through any physical output on your audio hardware.

    In terms of how to set up an EXS 24 instrument with your custom sample, it's not difficult, but a little too detailed for a simple forum post like this. Maybe read up on the EXS 24 in the manual. Or check out some videos on it :)

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