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Logic 8 Making a trancegate

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by Taybot, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Taybot

    Taybot Senior member

    I'm tryin to learn how to make a trancegate in Logic 8. How do you make the trancegate on track 14 "Fallin In Love" on this link

    i'm usin logic 8 and I would like to not have to get an external vst plug in, i was hoping I could get this kind of effect in Logic.

    specifically, how do you make it how it sounds, like how it raises in frequency?

    thanks a ton i appreciate it!
  3. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Well, there are two answers; One costs money & the other, time.
    For Tracey sounds I use ReFx Vanguard ($99), Disco DSP Discovery Pro ($200)
    or FabFilter Twin ($174).
    They make Trancegate sounds right out of the box quickly & easily.

    The other thing you can try is to grab Logic's ES2 and go for one of the Euro Trance presets Like "Big Trance Now" under the ES2 Leads section.
    Insert one of Logic's filter plug-ins like AutoFilter (and tweak it to mimic the raising & falling frequency envelope. I used "Sweeping Band Pass" as a decent starting point. Feel free to tweak it to your liking.)


    Next, insert another AutoFilter and try using "Pulse Gate Sync Filter," and get ready to start tweaking.
    This pic shows a relative starting point for you to go from. I got an ok sounding Trance Gate using this method.


    I understand money being an issue (it always is.) If possible, I would seriously recommend purchasing one of the above synth Plugs. They really do the exact job you are trying to emulate.
    Let us know how you did! Good Tweaking! :cool:
  4. Taybot

    Taybot Senior member

    Hey charlie thx a ton.

    I can afford those so which do you think I should buy? I hear a bunch of people mention vanguard. Should I get that you think? Is it really necessary though or can I learn to do it in Logic? I mean I'm sure I could learn it in Logic but I feel that might be working hard not smart, if that makes sense.

    It seems you are heavily recommending those synth plugs which is kind of frustrating to me since ultrabeat is a very complex plug but I will buy vanguard anyways if you think that is best and that would get me a professional sounding result. Do you think I should get Vanguard then, or would it be best to get one of the others you recommended? Thanks again.
  5. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    I think ReFx Vanguard is a great value for the money. I cannot remember if it has that exact Trancegate sound as a Preset for the song you are trying to emulate, but it has some fantastic Trancegate sounds that with a little tweaking, can be anything you want.
    If I wanted to make that sound, I would reach for that Plug-In. :thmbup:

    ReFX also carries "soundset banks" that you can purchase after hearing the demos and use as separate soundbanks for Vanguard.
    I would buy it, listen to all the sounds it has and then decide weather or not you wanted to purchase the soundsets (for roughly $30 a set if I remember.) But honestly, the preset Trancegates right out of the box are really great and will probably give you the effect you are trying to achieve.

    Vanguard is just a great plug in for Dance music in general. Pads, Basses, Leads, Arps and Gates, this is one powerful little plug-in.
    I am in no way affiliated with ReFx. -Just a happy customer. :)

    And just to clarify, Ultrabeat is Logic's Rhythm composer NOT a synth plug-in.
    I do love Logic's synths and use them in every project. But Logic's synths are not designed specifically to be for "Trance type sound design."
    Another thing you can try is to dive into Logic's EXS sounds. Some of the pads have some wonderful sweeping envelopes.

    I would give ReFx's Vanguard a try and let me know how it worked for you.
  6. Per Boysen

    Per Boysen Senior member

    Hey Taybot,

    I listened to the track you referred to and noticed that it won't be possible to get that result with the LFO based techniques recommended, because there are some groovy triplet patterns included in the trance gate. Of course you can buy a synth or plugin that offers such presets but you may as well do it in Logic by programming a region of automation for either the ES2 (good synth for these type of sounds) or for the Autofilter positioned right after a synth in the signal chain. The parameter to target when setting up such a "trance gate driver region" is of course the filter cut off. Easiest is to program the region as "hyperdraw" but you may also pen in track based automation and then go "Track / Track Automation / Move Visible Track Automation To Region". It's good to put such a filter gate driving region on a track of its own (serving the same channel as the target instrument) and loop it, so you may use its gate over any chord played by the ES2 (or other synth of choice). So use two tracks of the same kind; one for the MIDI notes and one for the trance gate driver loop.

    This technique can of course be applied to any other parmeter. Track volume, pan etc etc.

    If you want a trance gate on a vocal track, or any audio track, you can set up an ES1 or Ultrabeat track and side-chain in the audio from the audio track. With the ES1 you have to program MIDI regions on the track to create a gate. Same with the Ultrabneat but you may also use Ultrabeats pattern sequencer to generate the trance gate.
  7. Taybot

    Taybot Senior member

    i went to the rfx site and noticed that Nexus looks really good too. Should I get that instead you think?

    It seems that Nexus is similar to Vanguard but even better. Does Nexus have a trancegate like vanguard does, or what is your opinion on the two?

  8. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    I have never used the Nexus. It is based on ROM sample playback and is not a traditional synth.
    It seems to be more powerful than the Vanguard but what that really means for your creativity, I'm not really sure.
    I like Vanguard because it is a synth; It has 3 Oscillators that produce sound and a myriad of filters to get that "Trance/Progressive" sound.
    I'm sure you could get any Trancegate sound using it but I prefer having control over the actual waveforms in creating sounds. (I'm an old school synth-nut. I love to tweak!) :D
    Another synth I forgot to mention was Native Instruments Massive.
    Massive is in the $200 price range, I know it is behind many songs in the Trance genre.
    I use Vanguard, Discovery and FabFilter Twin for my Trance type sounds.
    Vanguard is a go-to synth for me.
    Perhaps there is a downloadable demo for Nexus? You can try most of these synths out before you buy them. Give one a try! :thmbup:
  9. Taybot

    Taybot Senior member


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