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Logic 9 Manipulate release velocity (note off vel) in the environment?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by sp-orb, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. sp-orb

    sp-orb New Member

    Has anybody made an environment that turns release velocity (note off velocity) into a controller with the value of that velocity? I've searched a lot, tried different transformers, etc. and it appears this is not possible. You can edit the release velocity in the event list, use it in a limited way in the ESX24 (ie: trigger samples upon release), but as near as I can tell, you can't turn it into a controller that for example could be used to vary release times, or something more esoteric.
  3. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Nope. The environment objects transform the released velocity (RV) to zero (OFF). Even that the Sequencer can record released velocity and you can see in the event list. Just to say a few midi processes bypass the environment so the path is direct Physical Input >Sequencer. There is one thing which was designed to manipulate the RV but the old Emagic Environment designers never put that into work. This is the Transformer Condition Status the 2dn one labeled as (-------). This means RV. On the other side this (------) Status works well as Operation one - if you want to force some note data to note OFF you can try this operation Status.
    All of these things has been never documented - it is a result of my deep Enviro researches.

    Back to your question. In this scenario you can try some workaround using a 3rd party app to copy/transform the RV into CC and carry it to Logic via IAC for example.
    I could use NI Kontakt as a powerful midi environment. I just created a Multi Script for you (if you own Kontakt) so you can use it. Logic channel strip can not send midi to the outside world yet like Cubase for example - i.e you can route the Kontakt midi back to another track etc.
    That's why you have to use Kontakt as stand alone and route your RV device thru the Kontakt midi IN and set one of the Kontakt midi outs to IAC bus 1 for example etc. The midi path will be: Hardware RV midi device ->Kontakt->Logic. So the Kontakt Multi script will transform the RV into a custom CC#.
    Copy the script and paste it into the Kontakt Multi Script Editor (the papyrus icon on the header), after that save the script as a User preset. I have designed a UI box where you can set a custom CC number and one button labeled as "Reverse Order". If you want the CC message before the Note OFF one enable that button. After the script loading double click into the empty Kontakt rack to create at least one new "dummy" instrument to have any thru. Go to the Kontakt options and enable the settings shown in the image below!

    Released Velocity to CC# v1.0
    Author: www.audiogrocery.com
    Written by: Ivan Kovachev 
    Modified: June 16, 2013
    on init
    set_script_title("Rel.Vel. to CC")
    declare ui_value_edit $Out_CC(0,127,1)
    set_text($Out_CC,"Output CC")
    declare ui_switch $Reverse
    set_text($Reverse,"Reverse Order")
    end on
    on midi_in
    end if
    end if
    end on

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  4. sp-orb

    sp-orb New Member

    I'm rejoicing! :)

    Thank you so much.... I'm blown away. I do own Kontakt (and Reaktor), and figured I'ld have to learn a lot more and do it in the latter. I had no idea Kontakt scripts were so powerful. Thousands of pages of manuals still waiting...

    Thank you again... I'm off to check all the goodies on your website to find more things I don't have to do myself!

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