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Map multiple instruments to a track?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by mainllinedude, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. mainllinedude

    mainllinedude New Member

    I'm just getting back into Logic after a long absence (from the EMagic days). I'd like to create a track like "Woodwinds", so that I can score some general woodwind lines intending to split them out later. Basically I'd like to hear something of an ensemble (like flute, oboe, clarinet) while editing, but not have to create multiple tracks that I'd then have to edit individually if I wanted to change one note.

    Is there any way to map multiple instruments to a track, or any other way to approach this?
  3. DIY_Elvis

    DIY_Elvis New Member

    There is a patch that does this - you could just switch the individual instruments to your liking. Look in arpegiattor - acoustic - woodwinds. Just kill the arpegiator and other midi fx on the individual tracks if you want. (make sure you have the stack open to see the individual strips in the mixer). The midi file you record plays on all of them.

    edit: to save a patch you gotta chose save as.. in the bottom right of the library (not from the menu in the track stack channel strip)

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  4. mainllinedude

    mainllinedude New Member


    Thanks for the tip. While trying out how to remove the arpeggiator FX (even though it sounded pretty cool as it was :)) I saw that it uses a "Track Stack", which I think is the basic element needed. So I may be able to create a stack from scratch and not have to worry about the arpeggiation stuff. (A question now exists as to whether I need to create a "Folder" stack, or a "Summing" stack. I suspect the former ...
  5. DIY_Elvis

    DIY_Elvis New Member

    Actually it's a summing stack.
    Made one real quick, it works as you described.

    I updated to 10.1 today in case there is some issue using the patch.

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