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Logic 9 Master Fader HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by BrettEffinThomas, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. BrettEffinThomas

    BrettEffinThomas New Member

    I am trying to use either Slate FG-X or Izotope Ozone on my project for mastering purposes. I own both. Now I need to put them on my master track as a plugin. Unfortunately my master track in all of my projects has no inserts for which to add a plugin. How or why is this? Is there a setting wrong in my Logic that is preventing the master track from having inserts? Please help.
  3. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    One confusing thing about Logic, is that Master Channel. The Output channel (the one usually just to the left of the Master fader, is for all intensive purposes, the Master Fader where you would put your Mastering Plug-ins.
    I believe The Master Fader that you are speaking of simply controls the output signal leaving Logic out to the real world hence why there are no inserts on it for Plug-ins.
    It's literally the last part of the chain.

    I default to any of our Logic Gurus however if I am off here.
    I always use the Main Output strip for my mastering plugs.
  4. BrettEffinThomas

    BrettEffinThomas New Member

    thanks Charlie...So using Slate FG-X or Izotope on the output 1&2 should work? I have a client who wants their mix mastered by me. How would you bounce it down for them so that the bounce includes the volume that the mastering plugin provided?
  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Charlie is steering you in the right direction. Just bounce from the stereo output channel strip and all should be included, as long as everything is routed to that stereo output.

    The main purpose of the Master Fader is to have a master level control when dealing with multiple output audio interfaces. If you are mixing in Surround, for example, and you have different audio streams arriving at different physical outputs on your audio interface, this master fader will control the overall level of all of them.

    Or, if you are routing multiple subgroups out of your interface to re-record onto another platform, this master fader acts as an overall level control.

    With simple 2 in/2 out interfaces, it really serves no useful purpose (IMHO).
  6. BrettEffinThomas

    BrettEffinThomas New Member

    when i listen to the mix with the plugin on the output track it is louder, but once i bounce it down its the same volume as the unmastered bounced version...how do i get a mastered bounce?
  7. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    You need to press the "bnce" button that is on the actual output strip your signal is arriving at.

    If you just hit the key command or menu command, it will automatically bounce the pair that is routed to your "stereo output" setup; which may not be the pair you are using for destination of your audio stream. It's an unlikely situation to happen, but it explains the symptoms you describe.
  8. BrettEffinThomas

    BrettEffinThomas New Member

    i have been hittin that bnce button on the output channel strip but still no luck...what are the outputs on my individual tracks supposed to be set to? right now they're set to output>stereo out

    is that correct?
  9. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Yes, that should be right.

    How are you listening back to your final mix? Is it inside a fresh version of Logic with no plug-ins on the stereo output?
  10. BrettEffinThomas

    BrettEffinThomas New Member

    no im listening inside the project file..all the tracks are there with their respective plugins on their own channel strips...the only plugin on the output track is the mastering plugin
  11. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    If you importing your stereo mix and listening back to it in your project, then it is going through the mastering plug-ins again.

    Try opening an empty project and importing your stereo mix there. That will give you a neutral playback of your mix without any plug-ins anywhere in the signal chain. That way you will have an objective perspective as to how your stereo mix sounds.

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