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Mastering for dvd soundtrack

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by craysi, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. craysi

    craysi New Member

    Hello ,
    Can anyone give me some advice/knowledge of mastering to dvd (to accompany Hd footage -intended for blue ray output).
    My initial enquiries tell met that my 48kh/24bit audio will not be compressed for dvd on input but may be on output depending on dvd players dac. Also i presume that the film editors software may compress on output, any info. on
    Hd exporting from sony vegas 9 would be gratefull. Thanks
  3. Orren Merton

    Orren Merton Logic Samurai / Administrator Staff Member

    I'd love to get into blu-ray authoring for my next Ember After release as well! Unfortunately, there are no blu-ray authoring tools for the Mac at all. You can use Final Cut Pro for the video, DVD Studio Pro to construct a non-HD DVD, but for blu-ray authoring're going to have to ask dedicated Windows video communities.

    I know you're asking mostly about audio sample/compression rates, but that's the thing: its the output format that determines what the best audio sample rate will be, and unfortunately I don't think that there's too much familiarity with what's best for blu-ray on the Mac side of things.

    You'll certainly want to stick with 24-bit recording, but whether 48kHz or 96kHz is best, I'm really not sure.

    Please share any information you find!

  4. Alan Branch

    Alan Branch Logic Samurai

    I have found there are not many Authoring places that master the Audio in any way , after all all they care about is the pictures:) Your better off mastering it your self if they are not going to have the 5.1 properly mastered.
    Works fine using the surround output of Logic , you just need some nice mastering plugins , Waves 316, L3 etc..

    Sony Vegas, it used to be my favorite video software on the PC, it's even got Blue Ray authoring now! they will compress the audio yes when then author but not audio compression bit rate etc, although I am sure they can master it in Vegas if they have the know how and the software, probably encode to Dolby but DTS is better, for higher compression ratio. Don't forget your stereo mixdown..
  5. craysi

    craysi New Member

    I intend to master it myself but need to find out how to make sure i dont lose my hard work on conversion to dvd or on output. I have only recorded in stereo and only have stereo monitors, so i think stereo will be ok for now. It is documentary/travel in nature, so surround isnt too important. Thanks for your replys ,will post when i have finished

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