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Mastering - Sample rate conversion while mastering

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by jaikumar.sivalingam, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. jaikumar.sivalingam

    jaikumar.sivalingam New Member


    While mastering for cd.. when we convert the sample rate , how does the quality remain the same in Logic Pro 9? I tried coverting frm 48 to 44 n it sounded like chipmunks hw to avoid tis?
  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    I think you must have just been changing the sample rate for the project. You need to change the sample rate for the audiofiles also.

    However the best option if you are working in 48kHz is to change the sample rate when you bounce down each mix, this is in the dialogue box when you click on bounce.

    That way your projecty stays at 48 and your mixes are 44.1

    If you are sending mixes off for mastering, don't change the sample rate (or dither down to 16 bit) leave that to the mastering studio.
  4. jaikumar.sivalingam

    jaikumar.sivalingam New Member

    Thank you Pete for replying.

    Actually find below the process that I followed for you better understanding of my problem.

    1. Arranged a song in 48-24 sample rate and Bit depth.
    2. Mixed the song in 48 - 24.
    3. Mastered the song in 48-24.
    4. After mastering, while bouncing I wanted the song to be in 44.1 and 16 so that I could copy it onto a cd. So changed the sample Rate to 44.1 and 16 while bouncing (PCM,MP3) with dithering algorithm 3. Now the bounced file will have 44.1 and 24 bit depth.
    5. After bouncing,I imported the audio to a Project which had the sample rate 48 and bit depth 24 to check the Wave shape.. while playing it sounded so odd.

    My questions here is

    1.How to Master your track for CD. I mean the last step (What options to select when I want my tracks to be on cd)?
    2.Is Logic isn't powerful enough ? Should I use dedicated Sample Converters for downsampling,? If so could you suggest me one?
    3. Inorder to check an audio which has 44.1 and 16 bit-depth. Should I always import it to a project that has 44.1 sample rate and 16 Bit-depth?

    Thanks in advance.

    - Jai
  5. mt100uk

    mt100uk Senior member

    You don't need to worry about the bit depth (not that you can set it for playback, only recording) but logic will need to be set to 44.1khz to playback correctly.
  6. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    Not sure I follow.

    It appears you are doing this:

    1. mix the song and bounce to 48/24 (good)
    2. Open new project and master 48/24 (good)
    3. Bounce to 44.1/16 with dither (good) but find the final bounce is 44.1/24 instead (bad)
    I have never found this to happen, ie if I was bouncing and set 44.1/16 and dither then the bounced file is correctly at 44.1/16

    You can indeed check by importing into a Logic project, the add audiofile dialogue box will show the bitrate.

    Alternatively you can open in Quicktime, the inspector window will give you the info.
  7. jaikumar.sivalingam

    jaikumar.sivalingam New Member

    Thank you Pete :)

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