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Logic 9 merge regions per tracks is moving audio files on me!

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by ian.van, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. ian.van

    ian.van New Member

    hey guys! somewhat new here, but ive been a 7 year hardcore logic user! so i come to you for help....and maybe in the future i can help someone else! but anywho heres the scenario, im running an 8 core macpro with 6.5 gigs of ram on 10.6.4 with L9.1 im editing drums which consist of 10-12 grouped tracks, once they are edited (or sometimes mid way through the song) i obvously must merge the regions so i dont have 20,000 tiny regions bogging down logics already poor memory management system.... so ill go to merge and my KICK TRACK IS NUDGED LATE! its almost like when theres alot of regions on a track that must be merged, logic seems to forget it has PDC. the workaround is to bypass whatever latency creating plugins on that track....sometimes bypass wont work and i need to actually remove the plugin, and reinsert it. has anyone experienced this? ive heard on that there is a well known logic bug which causes merge region to act strangely when regions are too close to another. has anyone figured out what the exact terms of this bug are? and how i can avoid it without disabling all of my plugins.... and no "tell the drummer to play it tight in the first place" doesnt apply here ;)
  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    Can you post a link to that? I haven't heard of such a bug.

    What you are describing is something I do all the time, on tracks with heavy latency plugins and I haven't (yet) had a problem.

    Can you say which plugins are causing the issue?
  4. ian.van

    ian.van New Member

    so far the plugin that causes it the most is slate's trigger. i know there was more but im not sure. im pretty sure it did it to a track that has the PSP xenon on it aswell. this is the last thread i had on the subject over at logicprohelp no one really helped though. the thread went dead very quickly. i cant seem to recreate it when im TRYING to make it happen, seems to only happen when i least expect it.
  5. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    I couldn't see from that link that there's a well known bug. One person mentioned a bug, but as you say the thread went dead so I don't think it's necessarily a well known bug just because one other person noted it..

    I'll do some testing because it's the kind of thing I do all the time and maybe I'm not noticing it (worrying). I'll try some single drum regions very close with various plugins on the track and see what happens.
  6. ian.van

    ian.van New Member

    my original thread was on gearslutz and i cant seem to find it anymore.
  7. ian.van

    ian.van New Member

    bump for this issue is still happening.

    now its doing it today with logics LP EQ. bounce regions in place and even MERGE regions is moving tracks.....

    im recording drums, if i merge regions by tracks for the whole grouped kit, the whole track moves left, except for the snares which dont move as much. if i disable grouping and JUSt merge the snare tracks, they will more TWICE as far ..but to the right. what the hell is going on? is there something broken with my BIP or am i doing it completely wrong?
  8. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    Your sig says Logic 9.1.2

    If it's a bug, then maybe it's been fixed so why not update the software and try again?
  9. ian.van

    ian.van New Member

    ah, im updated to current, just havnt been on here in a while

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