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Logic X merging logicx files after each other

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Michael Strand, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. Michael Strand

    Michael Strand New Member

    I am new to Logic Pro X, fiddled a bit with Logic 4, and have started to work again on a composition which is 34 minutes long and has 19 verses. Years ago I split the verses up into individual files (which now are .logicx files), because back then it seemed easier to work on them individually with instrumentation, transitions etc.
    Now my problem is that I cannot put (merge, combine, unite, join) these files (any two files) into one. All files have the same setup of tracks and so far there are only MIDI tracks in the files.

    I have googled unsuccessfully and have tried to find a way to put a second file after a first - just like you can do in a program like Word - with all tracks at the end of the first and preferrably including tempo changes, but I did not succeed.

    Does anybody know how to do this and can help me with step by step instructions?
  3. angelonyc

    angelonyc New Member

    Does Logic 10 open Logic 4 files (not sure)... Shut off audio engine (makes process faster).. Open both projects. Highlight midi tracks as a whole in Logic 4, and drag to the proper spot in Logic 10.. Use (existing tracks)..

    You could also try to highlight all Midi tracks in Logic 4 export (give it a good name to keep track). Try one or two songs first to see if it works. Close Logic 4 open Logic 10, drag midi files to proper spot in Logic 10.. Drag to top track you want to use.. Select 'Use existing track (as long as they are the same midi channel #'s)

    Logic 4 ran on a PPC Mac machine.. If Logic 10 doesn't open Logic 4 files, you will an old Mac (pre-Intel) and Logic 4 to run and export midi files..
  4. Michael Strand

    Michael Strand New Member

    I am very sorry for the inconvenience, but I asked the question also in the Apple Support Communities, since it took a bit before I got an answer here, and now I know a bit more already.

    In the meantime I have received this answer about copying and pasting:

    Concerning Logic4 files here one can get conversions of older file types to Logic 10 and more:

    What I still do not know is how to get the tempo changes along with the regions into another file, and wonder whether I have to write the tempo changes into the destination file, if I want to avoid that they get put into the wrong bar when I use import...
  5. angelonyc

    angelonyc New Member

    I 'think' I remember reading that Logic X, unlike Logic 9 will be able to read a lot further back (earlier versions of Logic). You should research or try that.. and save a little money. Since your Logic 4 songs, are all independent, the tempo changes are not going to be on the right beat.. I would try taking your Logic 4 midi files, and move to the measure and beat, you want them to be..

    Not sure if you can then go to tempo map, and copy and paste to Logic X tempo page.. Tempo in Logic is part of it's 'global track'.. not part of MIDI spec. I know when I drag a midi file into Logic.. Tempo stays at what Logic is set too..

    You may have to do these by hand..
  6. Michael Strand

    Michael Strand New Member

    Thanks for your input. All of the old files are now Logic Pro X. As you say, it seems I have to do the tempo changes "by hand".
  7. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    If you happen to still have the computer hosting Logic 4, have you considered slaving LPX to record Logic 4 playback and allowing tempo changes to be recorded in the project recording settings?

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