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Meta events 47

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by volovicg, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. volovicg

    volovicg Senior member

    I was testing whether or not meta events 47 and 50 operated correctly based on a question from another forum. I could not successfully get meta event 47 to operate as advertised and I think this could be useful feature from time to time to set certain midi parameters that normally are inaccessible from within logic. Does anyone have any experience or know if these work or have had any success in the past with them? I just want to be sure I am not misunderstanding their use. As an example... if you wanted to send a midi "note on"..... you would create 3 meta event 47's

    one for the note on and channel (combined)
    one for the note
    one for the velocity
    Maybe the disclaimer below was written for me!

    • Num = 47 (Send Byte to MIDI): This sends the track instrument any byte value (Val) between 0 and 255 ($00-$FF). As a usage example of this meta event: If you send 246 as the byte, this is equivalent to a MIDI tuning request message. The display will show Send Byte $F6. Only use this meta event if you know what you’re doing—if you don’t, your sound modules and synths may start to behave very oddly.

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