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Metric Halo 2882 - Quality loss in logic

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by Miolan, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Miolan

    Miolan New Member

    Hy Guys!

    i got a very terrible problem with my metric halo 2882 and Logic pro 9.

    just describe how i set it up:
    all my tracks in the logic project go on "stereo out"
    so the signal of these go to the mio console in DAW1/2.
    there i inserted a channel strip.
    with the dir. Out function i can go back to logic on an audio track
    and record it.

    here is the problem:

    i got some mastering plugins on my master out in LOGIC..
    all noticable when i record it in logic again from the DAW1/2 mio channel.
    but i got a quality loss of the DAW1/2 channel from halo
    it sounds different then when i just play it in logic.

    please help me
    I am trying since 12 hours to get it to work NORMALLY
  3. Miolan

    Miolan New Member

    maybe i need to set it up different. with the I/O plugin or something like that.
    it just sounds different when i play it ... and when i record the signal from the halo back again in logic. i need to do this because the chanelstrip on DAW1/2 would be otherwise not in my audio file when i bounce the master channel in logic
  4. Miolan

    Miolan New Member

    maybe i have to use audio hijack or smth like that to get the direct out play of what i hear?
    if I do recordings it sucks big time - just quality loss
  5. Miolan

    Miolan New Member

    is it possible that the halo uses 24 bits? and i lose quality because logic runs in 16 bit?
  6. Miolan

    Miolan New Member

    ok when i bounce in 24 bit the quality is better...
    BUT i still dont have the mio effect of DAW1/2 in the audio file after bouncing
  7. mt100uk

    mt100uk Senior member

    Hi, in the mio mixer are you using the direct out at the top of the channel strip? If so this sends it back to logic before it passes through the mio's dsp plugins, the output below the plugins (ie below the the plugin selectors) will send it back post effects. Let me know if this helps!

  8. Miolan

    Miolan New Member


    thanks for your time!
    i am using the direct out after the plugins

    i understand that it is logical that i have to use it if i want the halo plugins to get into the signal

    problem is... when i record that daw1/2 channel in logic i have a quality loss.
  9. mt100uk

    mt100uk Senior member

    Hmm I've never had a problem doing this... Do you get the same loss in quality if you record into the MIO record pane?
  10. Miolan

    Miolan New Member


  11. Miolan

    Miolan New Member

    maybe i should connect it different via adat?

    dont know if it makes any difference - while now i am on firewire
  12. mt100uk

    mt100uk Senior member

    Hi, that is unfortunate! Seeing as you hear it fine we can probably exclude clocking as the issue. Did you try playing back the audio from record panel or something like QuickTime player. Also if you have another DAW have you tried it there, I'm just trying to rule out some links in the chain! It might be worth opening a support ticket with MH, if it is something with the mio they'll help you source (and hopefully fix!) your problem. How would you characterise the difference in the sound?
  13. Stevelalonde

    Stevelalonde New Member

    I think your problem may be one of the two things :
    How do you record back in logic?
    If you're sending the audio on daw1+2 and then record on a track that goes to daw1+2 then you have a feedback loop. With your mastering plugins, the result can be anything.

    Or, let's assume you're not doing a feedback and you master out of logic is daw3+4. Then maybe you hear your original track from daw1+2 and your looped back recording track from logic in daw3+4 and the delay from the loop makes some audio degradation.

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  14. Stevelalonde

    Stevelalonde New Member

    For your setup, I would suggest using the I/o and taking the habit of using another daw out than 1-2 to prevent mix up feedback or bad surprises.

    Create a new strip (cmd-n) in the mio mixer, set the input to daw7-8 put your output to nothing and your direct out to fw7-8. You should be okay with it.

    Put a I/o plugin on your master track and set it to 7-8 for in and out. Tadam.

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