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Logic 9 MicroKorg Xl + Midi connection

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by davidounet, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. davidounet

    davidounet New Member

    Hey Guys, I just bought last week the amazing microkorg Xl, works perfectly with softwares instruments (Via USB). Never the less, it's been days i'm trying to use the "synth's" sounds into logic with midi. I searched for days on google and other forums, with no success.

    Could someone tell me how to make it work, would be awesome !!!

    here's the infos :
    - my external sound device is a tascam US-122 MKII
    - I tried differents things in the "enviromnent section" such as routing "microkorg Xl midi out " and/or "microkorg xl sound" to the Us-122 midi"
    - when I open an external instruments with midi, in the library i can choose between 3 differents things : Microkorg Xl MIDI OUT ; Microkorg Xl Sounds or US-122 Midi.

    I have configured my micro korg with the following datas :

    - Midi channel 01 ; Local "ON" ; Routing MIDI + USB ; Clock "Internal " ; Protect "OFF" ; Program change control change P bend and sys ex are all enabled.

    I hope someone could really help me out on this !!! i'm tired of recording my sounds with audio !!! i'm a pro midi user !!!
  3. arpan

    arpan New Member

    Have found out?

    Hey man, I am having the same problem! I want to use my microkorg xl sounds as midi recordings!!!

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