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Logic 9 Microtonic - Bounce In Place

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Philly, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Philly

    Philly New Member

    Hi - noob question - I'm trying to use bounce in place for microtonic. What happens is I'm using Microtonics internal Sequencer for the pattern (the 2 bar pattern on the track in Logic9 is blank). What I want is a two bar pattern on an audio track. When I try to bounce in place it carries on for longer than the two bars (goes on forever) - I have to hit escape and I'm not left with any audio track.

    Hope that makes sense - I've only had logic a week!
  3. maxim

    maxim New Member

    Did you select those two bars as a loop in the bar-ruler before bouncing ?? Probably you also need to solo the Microtonic track before bouncing down.

    I'm still on Logic 7.2.3. though.

  4. Philly

    Philly New Member

    Thanks for the suggestion - tried it but still no luck.
  5. Philly

    Philly New Member

    Bingo -just solved it, I had to uncheck the box re audio tail - cheers

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